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2019 Lansing Oar and Paddle Club Activities


All trips will have coordination information posted on the Club Meetup page (registration required) prior to the activity with contact info. Note that a few trips require more advance commitment due to ferry or lodging reservations needed. Participants are responsible for having appropriate equipment and ability. Non-members must sign a Club waiver prior to participation.

Sign up for trips at:
General information and schedules:
LOAPC blog:

Wearing a properly fastened Life Jacket is mandatory while on the water during all Club activities.

Jay Hanks (JH) – Recreation                            Loretta Crum (LC) – Recreation
Tony Kuhlman (TK) – Recreation                  Steve Lidia (SL) – Open Water
Linda Savage (LS) – Open Water    George Stockman (GS) – White Water          Todd Leigh (TL) – White Water            Kate Lederle (KL) – Recreation

Jan 1              27th Annual New Year’s Day Float – TBA (JH)

Jan 5              New Year Encore – Red Cedar River (JH)

Jan 19             XC Ski Local Day Trip (JH)

Feb 2              XC Ski Local Day Trip (JH)

Feb 23-24     38th Annual ASRO (JH)

Mar 2             24th Annual Quietwater Symposium

Mar 23          Shiawassee River (JH)

Apr 6              Looking Glass River I – DeWitt to Wacousta (JH)

Apr 20           Flat River – Covered Bridge to Lowell (TK)

Apr 27           Hugh Heward Challenge – MGROW

Apr 28         Belle Isle and Detroit River (SL)

May 3-8        Upper Peninsula Whitewater (TL)

May 11          Looking Glass River II – Wacousta to Portland (JH)

May 12       Strokes and Bracing Clinic – Lake Lansing (SL)

May 18          Grand River – whitewater practice TBA (GS)    cancelled

May 19       Strokes and Bracing Clinic – Lake Lansing (SL)

May 24-31   Southeast Whitewater – North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia (TL)

May 25          7th Annual Paddle and Picnic – Grand River from Eaton Rapids                         to McNamara Landing with picnic after

June 1            Grand River – McNamara Landing to Dimondale (LC)       rescheduled TBA

June 5            Grand River – Whitewater practice TBA (GS)      cancelled

June 6            Grand and Red Cedar Rivers (SL)

June 8             Red Cedar River – Grand River Blvd to Ferguson Park, logjam clearing, water level dependent       cancelled

June 8            Crandell Lake (LC)

June 13-16     Wilderness State Park (SL)

June 14-16   Women’s Weekend in Cheboygan (LS)

June 15         Grand River – Dimondale to Grand River Park (LC)

June 22-25   Wisconsin Whitewater (TL)

June 22         Grand River – Grand River Park to Old Town (LC)

June 29         Grand River – Old Town to Grand Ledge (LC)

July TBA        Ottawa River Whitewater, Ontario (TL)

July 6             Grand River – Grand Ledge to Charlotte Highway (JH)

July 11-14     Grand Island, U.P. (SL)

July 14           Grand River – Charlotte Highway to Portland (LC)

July 20           Grand River – Portland to Weber Dam (LC) – postponed

July 27           Grand River – Weber Dam to Lyons (JH)

Aug 2-4        Lime Island (LS)

Aug 2-4         Crooked River (TK) – cancelled

Aug 10           Hell and Back – Pinckney Recreation Area (JH)

Aug 18           Sleepy Hollow (LC)

Aug 24          Youth Sports Event – Burchfield Park (KL)

Aug 31           7th Annual Paddle and Picnic TBA

Sep TBA         Surfing Clinic – Lake Michigan (SL)

Sep TBD        Float the Grand River (LC)

Sep 27-29     Pere Marquette River Surf and Turf (JH)

Oct 4             Red Cedar River Scouting and Clearing Part 1 (JH)

Oct 5              Red Cedar River Scouting and Clearing Part 2 (JH)

Nov 1-3         Jordan River Surf and Turf (JH)

Nov 9             TBD – (JH)

Nov 29          29th Annual Turkey Float TBA (JH)

Dec 7             TBD – (JH)

Dec 21           26th Annual Solstice Float TBA (JH)