2015 LOAPC Paddling Schedule

All trips will have coordination information posted on the Club Meetup page (registration required) prior to the activity with contact info.  Scroll down to see posted trips. Note that a few trips require more advance commitment due to ferry or lodging reservations needed.  Participants are responsible for having appropriate equipment and ability.  Non-members must sign a Club waiver prior to participation.

Wearing a properly fastened Life Jacket is mandatory while on the water during all Club activities.

JAN 1                          24th Annual New Year’s Day Paddle – Jay Hanks

MAR 21-22                 34th Annual Au Sable River Overnight – boat camping at White Pine – Jay Hanks

APR 18                       Chippewa River – Class II Whitewater – Mt. Pleasant – Joe Lessard

APR 25                       Grand River Annual Hugh Heward Challenge

MAY 1-3                    Cheat Fest and Cheat Narrows – Class III Whitewater – West Virginia – George Stockman

MAY 2                        Looking Glass and Grand Rivers – Wacousta to Portland on the Looking Glass and Charlotte Hwy to Portland on the Grand – refreshments to follow at a local establishment – Tony Kuhlman and Jay Hanks, Loretta Crum

MAY 8-10                  Pine River – Walker Bridge to Low Bridge.  Base camping at Pine River Paddlesports Center Campground – Jay Hanks

MAY 16                      Rogue River – Class II Whitewater – Grand Rapids – Van Braatz

MAY 23                      3rd Annual Memorial Day Paddle and Picnic in the Park – Grand River, Grand Ledge to Charlotte Hwy, picnic at Fitzgerald Park – Jay Hanks and Loretta Crum

MAY 28-31                Manistee River Surf-n-Turf – Hiking on the Manistee River Trail on Friday.  Baxter Bridge to M-115 on Saturday, then Hodenpyle Dam to Red Bridge on Sunday.  Base camping at Seaton Creek National Forest Campground – Jay Hanks

MAY 31                      Grand River, Eaton Rapids to McNamara Landing – Loretta Crum

JUN 5-7                      Casselman and Lower Yough – Class III Whitewater – Pennsylvania – George Stockman

JUN 6                          Grand River, Portland to Webber Dam – Loretta Crum

JUN 13                        Slippery Rock Creek – Class II-III Whitewater – Pennsylvania – Todd Leigh

JUN 13                        Youth Sports Event at Burchfield Park – Jay Hanks

JUN 19-21                  Manistee River – M-72 to M-66. Base camping at CCC Campground – Jay Hanks

JUN 20-21                  Negwegon State Park – overnight backcountry camping & coastal paddling – Linda Savage or Steve Lidia

JUL 10-12                   Boardman River – Forks Campground to Beitner Road – base camping at Forks Campground – Tony Kuhlman and Jay Hanks

JUL 24-26                   High Country Pathway – Backpacking 1 of 3 in Pigeon River State Forest – Jay Hanks

AUG 2                        Grand River, Webber Dam to Lyons – Class II Whitewater – Loretta Crum

AUG 7-9                     High Country Pathway – Backpacking 2 of 3 in Pigeon River State Forest – Jay Hanks

AUG 14-16                 Lake Superior in Eastern UP – camping at Tahquamenon State Park and coastal day paddles – Linda Savage

AUG 22                      Lower Yough – Class III Whitewater – Pennsylvania – Todd Leigh

AUG 28-30                 Huron River – 16th Annual Family Paddling Trip – Base camping at Proud Lake State Park – Dawson Road to Placeway on Saturday, and Proud Lake to Dawson Road on Sunday – Jay Hanks

AUG 29                      Howl at the Moon Paddle at Lake Ovid in Sleepy Hollow State Park – Tony Kuhlman

SEP 5                          3rd Annual Labor Day Paddle and Picnic in the Park at Lake Ovid in Sleepy Hollow State Park – Jay Hanks & Loretta Crum

SEP 18-20                   Dunes and Vines – camping at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, coastal day paddles, and wine tasting tour Saturday! – Linda Savage

SEP 21-27                   Flack Lake/Dunlop Lake/10 Mile Lake – Mississagi Provincial Park, Ontario.  Self-contained wilderness travel – Rich Bailey and Jay Hanks

OCT 3                         Red Cedar River Scouting Trip – Rich Bailey and Jay Hanks

OCT 10                       Red Cedar River Clean and Clear Project – Rich Bailey and Jay Hanks

OCT 15-18                  Manistee River – Deward (Co. 612) to M-66 – Base camping at CCC Campground – Rich Bailey

OCT 17                       Fall Color Tour, Grand River, Old Town to Grand Ledge – Loretta Crum

NOV 5 – 8                   Platte River Surf-n-Turf – Hiking on the Platte Plains Trail on Friday.  M-31 to Lake Michigan on Saturday and Sunday.  Base camping at Veteran’s Campground – Jay Hanks

NOV 27                      25th Annual Turkey Float – location TBD – Rich Bailey

DEC 4-6                      High Country Pathway – Backpacking 3 of 3 in Pigeon River State Forest – Jay Hanks

DEC 19                       22nd Annual Christmas Float – location TBD – Jay Hanks

2 responses to “2015 LOAPC Paddling Schedule

  1. thank you for putting together the list for 2015! this will be very useful for planing ahead!

  2. Looks like a year of great paddling events! Thank you.

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