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Mississippi River Voyage – Day 40

2.5_Beards,_Mississippi_River_Adventure,_Big_Muddy_Mike_and_MRV_meet_upFriends of Water For People,

Today the Mississippi River Voyage reached the half way point in the river near St. Louis, MO. In 40 days, we have completed 1148 miles of 2291. We still have a lot of river left to complete in the 30 days that remain before WEFTEC. We continue to receive pledges at the Crowdrise site and thank all for supporting Water For People.

The attached shows us at the Chain of Rocks near St. Louis with some of the many new friends that we have made on the river. Follow us on Facebook and via Delorme satellite.

Gary and Linda

Share thoughts on Huron River recreation at Wednesday meeting in Milford

Written by Laura Colvin, Staff Writer

The Village of Milford wants to know what’s important to local residents and business owners when it comes to Huron River recreation.

The Village Parks and Recreation Commission, along with the Huron River Watershed Council and the Oakland County Department of Economic Development & Community Affairs will host an asset mapping meeting next Wednesday to help identify amenities, resources and future economic development opportunities related to the river.

The meeting is the next step for Milford in the HRWC’s Trail Towns program, initiated last year as part of the larger RiverUp program. The program designates five towns along the Huron River Water Trail as destinations where river users can venture off the waterway to enjoy the scenery, services and heritage of a community that identifies with the river but is infused with its own character and charm.

Milford is situated at the north end of the 104-mile trail, followed by Dexter, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Flat Rock.

Part of the program’s goal is to help stimulate local economies while also improving recreational access and opportunities to make rivers and communities healthier.

Planning for the future

Organizers of next week’s meeting are hoping for a robust turnout.

“It’s an opportunity for us to look at the Huron River and how it relates to the community,” said Anita Twardesky, HRWC Trail Towns coordinator. “We want to give people an opportunity to provide some input on how (Central Park) can be developed, how we can connect with businesses and how we can connect with the downtown.”

Discussions will cover possible improvements that can be made within the community to best benefit the businesses and residents of Milford and tourists who use the Huron River Water Trail.

Future developments could include infrastructure improvements, signage, marketing and promotion, for example.

“The plan will have lots of (layers) to it,” Twardesky said.

Village Manager Christian Wuerth is also involved in helping to develop a plan and will attend next week’s meeting.

“There are a lot of positives that can come out of this process,” Wuerth said. “We’re looking for feedback from residents and businesses people in the community; what does the Huron River mean to them, and, going forward, what is their vision for how the village and the community interact with the river? What’s important to people? What are their concerns?”

The meeting, he said, will help shape the next several years of planning from a parks and recreation standpoint.

Currently, he added, members of the Parks and Recreation Commission are looking at ways to enhance kayak and canoe access in Central Park, while also taking into account erosion issues that call for stream bank stabilization measures.

“I hate to use the words ‘boat launch,’ because I don’t envision it ever being steel and concrete,” he said. “We’re talking about a much more natural looking feature, but something that can handle that (canoe and kayak) traffic.”

Members are also considering picnic areas, as well as enhanced opportunities for bird watching, fishing and enjoying the view in various spots along the river.

“We want to look at how those things fit,” Wuerth said. “What are the priorities of the community?”

The group is also looking at ways to make Milford’s downtown area accessible river-users staying at Camp Dearborn or Proud Lake, or paddling to or from a different destination.

Information to those visitors, he said, could be disseminated through use of a kiosk.

“One of the things we want to do is emphasize how close downtown is,” Wuerth said. “If someone canoes from Proud Lake they can spend an afternoon, maybe stroll into downtown grab lunch, hop back into their canoes. We want to make it easier for them to access downtown, support the businesses and restaurants and enjoy Milford.”

Next week’s meeting takes place 6:30-8 p.m. Wednesday at the Milford Senior Center, 1050 Atlantic St. Beforehand, from 5-6 p.m., volunteers from the Village Parks and Recreation Commission will be in Central Park to talk with visitors about the program.

August Course Offerings @ The Power of Water


KAYAK BRACING $40 Level 1-3 6-8pm 8/4

– Scotty says “ just learn to hate swimming!” So how about not tipping over to
begin with. Braces and recovery strokes work. Learn them and use them.
Venue – Grand River

INTRO TO PADDLESPORTS $125 Level 1-3 6-8pm 8/5, 8/7, 8/12, 8/14

– This 4 day course is without a doubt THE best way to start or improve your paddling. We will be playing on, in and around Kayaks, Canoes and Stand Up Paddleboards. The idea is to develop a foundation of blade and body awareness to apply to any craft. Venue – Lake Lansing

LEARNING TOUR $75 Level 1-3 8/3, 8/17 2-7pm 8/30 11-4pm

These trips are a great way to experience all aspects of a kayak or canoe
journey. We will look at the process as a whole and tailor to the needs and skills of each group. Venue – Grand River

FREE DEMO 8/8 Venue – Grand River 5-8pm

INTRO TO KAYAK SURFING $125 Level 2-4 8/10 10-4pm

Put a boost of adrenaline into your kayaking experience! Learn how to safely and CONFIDENTLY handle your boat in and on waves. For the first timers we will cover the Where, How and When. If you have surfed before, we can help dial in your timing and reading of the wave. Venue – Lake Michigan

KAYAK RESCUES 2 $60 Level 1-3 530-9pm 8/11

– You will get wet! So now what? Learn how to put yourself back in your boat and the rest of the group back in theirs. If you paddle a kayak this is a MUST skill. You will learn safe and effective techniques that anyone…regardless of body type, age or strength…can master. We will have “conditions” to take it up a notch. Venue – Lake Lansing

KAYAK QUICK START $60 Level 1 6-9pm 8/13

– An introduction to the sport of kayaking. We will cover boat selection,
getting in and out, basic control strokes and safety. Venue – Lake Lansing

KAYAK ROLLING $60 Level 1-4 7-9pm 8/18

– The one skill we all wish we had on lock down…and should.
If this is your first attempt or you need refining, we can help.
Venue – Lake Lansing


– Take your whitewater paddling to the next level with a long weekend Yough
escape. We’ll spend 1 half day and 2 full days on the Lower Yough developing river running and river play skills. Including reading rapids, rescue strategies and group awareness. Optional Falling Water tour on Monday. Price includes lodging.


8/7, 8/21 6-9pm on the Grand River
8/14, 8/28 6-9pm Lake Lansing
8/2 1-4pm MSU Sailing Center

– Find out why this is the fastest growing outdoor sport.
Guaranteed to make you a better kayaker! Yes, kayaker.

LEVEL 1 – Little to no experience, open to learning.

LEVEL 2 – Ability to control your boat on flat water. Move sideways, forward, turn,
stop and reverse. Comfortable in water. Some exposure to rescues.

LEVEL 3 – Add wind (10-15 knots), waves (1-2 feet) and/or current (Class I-II). Still
smiling, comfortable and able to rescue yourself or your group.

LEVEL 4 – Kick it up another notch and add some solid navigation skills.