Huron River Sojourn Part III August 8-10

Argo Pond to French Landing Dam.  Base camping Friday and Saturday nights at Lower Huron Metropark (Walnut Grove Rustic Family Campground. Day paddle from Argo Pond to North Hydro Park (Ford Lake takeout) on Saturday. Day paddle from South Hydro Park to French Landing Dam on Sunday. Three portages at Dixboro, Superior, and Peninsula Dams on Saturday. 23 miles total distance (14.5/8.5)

Saturday there is the opportunity to run the Argo Cascades at the beginning of the trip or put in below them as the river makes it way through Ann Arbor and the Arboretum down to Gallup Park where the river gradually turns into flatwater. Shortly after passing under US-23 there is a short portage around Dixboro Dam and then into a quiet section of rural lowlands, surprisingly this close to the city. The rest of the day is lakes and short portages until Ford Lake where we exit before Hydro Dam. Back in camp is a potluck dinner and s’mores around the campfire.

Sunday we put in below Hydro Dam and relax on quiet water for the first half of the day until reaching French Landing Dam where we exit the river. Lunch can be left in the coolers at this takeout as we toast our adventure with cold beverages and a picnic before heading home for the weekend.

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