Upcoming Classes at the Power of Water


KAYAK QUICK START $60 Level 1 5-8pm 7/13

– An introduction to the sport of kayaking. We will cover boat selection,
getting in and out, basic control strokes and safety. Venue – Lake Lansing

INTRO TO MOVING WATER 1 $60 Level 1-2 2-5pm 7/23

– Looking at the river in a whole new way. Boat handling, hazard awareness and solutions, moving in and out of mild current and safety. Everyone needs these skills, plus it is FUN! Venue – Grand River

KAYAK RESCUES $60 Level 1-3 530-9pm 7/11

– You will get wet! So now what? Learn how to put yourself back in your boat and the rest of the group back in theirs. If you paddle a kayak this is a MUST skill. You will learn safe and effective techniques that anyone…regardless of body type, age or strength…can master. Venue – Lake Lansing

INTRO TO PADDLESPORTS $125 LEVEL 1-3 11-4pm 7/12 – 7/13

– This 2 day course is without a doubt THE best way to start or improve your paddling. We will be playing on, in and around Kayaks, Canoes and Stand Up Paddleboards. The idea is to develop a foundation of blade and body awareness to apply to any craft. Venue – Lake Lansing

INTRO TO MOVING WATER 2 $60 Level 2-3 6-9pm 7/23

– So now we look at river reading, trip planning and rescue
strategies. We will also focus on paddling in and out of current – eddy turns, peel outs and ferries. Venue – TBD

BCU WEEK at The Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium

– Join us prior to the Symposium for 4 days of BCU courses. Including: 2 Star
Training, Foundation Safety and Rescue Training, 3 Star Sea Training and
3 Star Sea Assessment.

MANITOU ISLANDS TRIP $375 Level 3-4 7/24-27

– Kayak Camping on North Manitou Island. True wilderness experience. This trip includes an 8 mile open water crossing and exposure to all the conditions Lake Michigan has to offer. This is a coached journey, learn from the best.


– Take your whitewater paddling to the next level with a mid-week Yough
escape. We’ll spend 2 days on the Lower Yough developing river running and river play skills.

RIVER RESCUE 1 – YOU $75 Level 1-3 9-1pm 7/12

– This is learning how to swim in the river. ALL members of
your group should take this class. Venue – Huron River

KAYAK ROLLING $60 Level 1-4 7-9pm 7/7 or 7/28

– The one skill we all wish we had on lock down…and should.
If this is your first attempt or you need refining, we can help.
Venue – Lake Lansing

LEARNING TOUR $75 Level 1-3 7/26 12-6pm 7/27 12-6pm

– These trips are a great way to experience all aspects of a kayak or canoe journey. We will look at the process as a whole and tailor to the needs and skills of each group.
Venue – Grand River

FREE DEMOS 7/25 Venue – Grand River 4-8pm


7/3, 7/10, 7/31 6-9pm on the Grand River
7/12 5-8pm and 7/23 6-9pm MSU Sailing Center

– Find out why this is the fastest growing outdoor sport.
Guaranteed to make you a better kayaker! Yes, kayaker.

LEVEL 1 – Little to no experience, open to learning.

LEVEL 2 – Ability to control your boat on flat water. Move sideways, forward, turn,
stop and reverse. Comfortable in water. Some exposure to rescues.

LEVEL 3 – Add wind (10-15 knots), waves (1-2 feet) and/or current (Class I-II). Still
smiling, comfortable and able to rescue yourself or your group.

LEVEL 4 – Kick it up another notch and add some solid navigation skills.


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