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Huron River Sojourn Part III August 8-10

Argo Pond to French Landing Dam.  Base camping Friday and Saturday nights at Lower Huron Metropark (Walnut Grove Rustic Family Campground. Day paddle from Argo Pond to North Hydro Park (Ford Lake takeout) on Saturday. Day paddle from South Hydro Park to French Landing Dam on Sunday. Three portages at Dixboro, Superior, and Peninsula Dams on Saturday. 23 miles total distance (14.5/8.5)

Saturday there is the opportunity to run the Argo Cascades at the beginning of the trip or put in below them as the river makes it way through Ann Arbor and the Arboretum down to Gallup Park where the river gradually turns into flatwater. Shortly after passing under US-23 there is a short portage around Dixboro Dam and then into a quiet section of rural lowlands, surprisingly this close to the city. The rest of the day is lakes and short portages until Ford Lake where we exit before Hydro Dam. Back in camp is a potluck dinner and s’mores around the campfire.

Sunday we put in below Hydro Dam and relax on quiet water for the first half of the day until reaching French Landing Dam where we exit the river. Lunch can be left in the coolers at this takeout as we toast our adventure with cold beverages and a picnic before heading home for the weekend.

Upcoming Classes at the Power of Water


KAYAK QUICK START $60 Level 1 5-8pm 7/13

– An introduction to the sport of kayaking. We will cover boat selection,
getting in and out, basic control strokes and safety. Venue – Lake Lansing

INTRO TO MOVING WATER 1 $60 Level 1-2 2-5pm 7/23

– Looking at the river in a whole new way. Boat handling, hazard awareness and solutions, moving in and out of mild current and safety. Everyone needs these skills, plus it is FUN! Venue – Grand River

KAYAK RESCUES $60 Level 1-3 530-9pm 7/11

– You will get wet! So now what? Learn how to put yourself back in your boat and the rest of the group back in theirs. If you paddle a kayak this is a MUST skill. You will learn safe and effective techniques that anyone…regardless of body type, age or strength…can master. Venue – Lake Lansing

INTRO TO PADDLESPORTS $125 LEVEL 1-3 11-4pm 7/12 – 7/13

– This 2 day course is without a doubt THE best way to start or improve your paddling. We will be playing on, in and around Kayaks, Canoes and Stand Up Paddleboards. The idea is to develop a foundation of blade and body awareness to apply to any craft. Venue – Lake Lansing

INTRO TO MOVING WATER 2 $60 Level 2-3 6-9pm 7/23

– So now we look at river reading, trip planning and rescue
strategies. We will also focus on paddling in and out of current – eddy turns, peel outs and ferries. Venue – TBD

BCU WEEK at The Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium

– Join us prior to the Symposium for 4 days of BCU courses. Including: 2 Star
Training, Foundation Safety and Rescue Training, 3 Star Sea Training and
3 Star Sea Assessment.

MANITOU ISLANDS TRIP $375 Level 3-4 7/24-27

– Kayak Camping on North Manitou Island. True wilderness experience. This trip includes an 8 mile open water crossing and exposure to all the conditions Lake Michigan has to offer. This is a coached journey, learn from the best.


– Take your whitewater paddling to the next level with a mid-week Yough
escape. We’ll spend 2 days on the Lower Yough developing river running and river play skills.

RIVER RESCUE 1 – YOU $75 Level 1-3 9-1pm 7/12

– This is learning how to swim in the river. ALL members of
your group should take this class. Venue – Huron River

KAYAK ROLLING $60 Level 1-4 7-9pm 7/7 or 7/28

– The one skill we all wish we had on lock down…and should.
If this is your first attempt or you need refining, we can help.
Venue – Lake Lansing

LEARNING TOUR $75 Level 1-3 7/26 12-6pm 7/27 12-6pm

– These trips are a great way to experience all aspects of a kayak or canoe journey. We will look at the process as a whole and tailor to the needs and skills of each group.
Venue – Grand River

FREE DEMOS 7/25 Venue – Grand River 4-8pm


7/3, 7/10, 7/31 6-9pm on the Grand River
7/12 5-8pm and 7/23 6-9pm MSU Sailing Center

– Find out why this is the fastest growing outdoor sport.
Guaranteed to make you a better kayaker! Yes, kayaker.

LEVEL 1 – Little to no experience, open to learning.

LEVEL 2 – Ability to control your boat on flat water. Move sideways, forward, turn,
stop and reverse. Comfortable in water. Some exposure to rescues.

LEVEL 3 – Add wind (10-15 knots), waves (1-2 feet) and/or current (Class I-II). Still
smiling, comfortable and able to rescue yourself or your group.

LEVEL 4 – Kick it up another notch and add some solid navigation skills.


Annual Red Cedar River Clean and Clear Project Saturday October 4

Join us as we work on the obstructions identified from the previous scouting trip from Grand River Blvd. to Ferguson Park. Please bring waders, wetsuits, and gloves and prepare to get your feet wet and your hands dirty. We meet at 9:00 am at the Harris Nature Center and assign responsibilities after a safety orientation. If you own a chainsaw please bring it but only owners are allowed to operate tham as a safety policy. We usually are done for the day by 2:00 pm.

For those using boats we will meet at 8:30 am at Ferguson Park to run shuttle.

Annual Red Cedar River Scouting Trip September 20

Join us as we prepare for our annual Red Cedar River Clean and Clear Project by paddling from Grand River Blvd. to Ferguson Park. Along the way we will clear obstructions that are straight forward and identify those that take more work. The latter are the ones we will focus on for the Clean and Clear Project on October 4. Bring waders, wetsuits, and a chainsaw if you own one. As a safety policy, only the owner of the chainsaw may operate it.

Meet at Ferguson Park at 9:00 am to set shuttle and we should be done by 3:00 pm.

River Clean Up Results with the Ingham Conservation District

group photoFinally, thank you to our Stream Cleanup Crew that helped remove almost 5 yards of trash from the Huntoon Creek in Leslie. A special thanks to the Lansing Oar and Paddle Club who came out in force to help with this project! Some of the items removed included 6 tires, a toilet tank, a car battery and a truckload of steel!

Huntoon Cleanup 2014