All trips will have coordination information posted on this blog and on the Club Meetup page (registration required) prior to the activity with contact info.  Scroll down to see posted trips. Note that a few trips require more advance commitment due to ferry or lodging reservations needed.  Participants are responsible for having appropriate equipment and ability.  Non-members must sign a Club waiver prior to participation.

Wearing a properly fastened Life Jacket is mandatory while on the water during all Club activities.


NOV 28-29:   24th Annual Turkey Floats I & II

DEC 20:   21st Annual Christmas Float


5 responses to “2014 LOAPC PADDLING SCHEDULE

  1. trying to contact a representative regarding huron river launch improvements at kent lake dam, island lake rec area.. please contact me

    • The Huron River Watershed Coalition is the group to talk to. They have been coordinating that kind of thing for years. Kent Lake falls under the Huron-Clinton Metropark Association and Island lake is a State of Michigan DNR facility. The HRWC has connections with both groups. Jay Hanks

      • Jim Fackert

        Hi Jay,

        thanks! I am long time member and am in contact with the Huron River Watershed council, and their water trail initiative. I am a member of the Friends of Island Lake Recreation Area, and the dam is in the rec area….
        I am looking for users and clubs to join us in advocating for the launch improvement. the launch below the dam is a mess, has been for years, and DNR has been all talk and no action for the three decades that I have paddled on (and lived on ) the river.
        We need to bring every club and advocate together to push for a simple rubble removal and slope grading on 20 feet of shoreline below the dam.

  2. I completely agree with the condition of the launch site below Kent Lake Dam. It is awful. Our Club will offer support for any initiative to improve the area. Regarding Island Lake Recreation Area are you referring to Placeway, Rainbow Bend or other public launch areas?

    • kent lake dam is number one, but placeway is pretty marginal too… thats our next target, launch improvement wise.
      Again, simple solution called for, I think..

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