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Red Cedar River Access

  • Although the Red Cedar River flows from above Williamston, travel any further upstream can be discouraging.
  • Williamston to Grand River Blvd is about 2 hours and has downed trees as obstructions. Launch site is upstream of Putnam Street Bridge and then running the light rapids. Takeout is on the left above the Grand River Blvd Bridge.
  • Launching from the Grand River Bridge to Van Atta Road is about 1 hour. There will be a new landing on the river left upstream of Van Atta Road Bridge in 2014 but the old landing is on river left just downstream of the bridge. Downed trees are cleared but constantly falling.
  •  Van Atta Road to Ferguson Park is about 2-1/2 hours with the takeout at Ferguson Park on the left. There is still the ever present downed trees to contend with but they are worked on every year.  From Van Atta Road to Dobie Road is about 1-1/2 hours, and from Dobie Road to Ferguson Park is about an hour.  From Dobie Road to Ferguson Park it is usually clear.
  •  Ferguson Park to Kruger Landing is about three hours, and you need to watch for the rocky rapids at the old dam site near the stadium.  Portaging is usually required.  There are still logs potentially blocking the river after leaving campus.  Kruger Landing is on river left before Aurelius Road.
  • Kruger Landing to the confluence with the Grand River is about an hour.  From there you can continue on downriver and take out above the dam in north Lansing on river right.