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Au Sable River from Grayling to Oscoda 2013

We traversed the length of the Au Sable River again from Grayling to Oscoda but we were well behind the racing pace of 14 hours.  We took 8 days and did it in weekend installments.  I have done the entire length in one week on previous trips but I can see the entire river more often by breaking it up.

We started in February for the 32nd Annual Au Sable River Overnight.  Here is that weekend’s camp:Image

We picked up the river again in April from where we left off in February, but it didn’t seem like the weather had gotten any warmer……Image

Our May installment gave us some kinder temperatures with the snow finally leaving and the black flies arriving (sigh).Image

June had all of the trees leafed out and the mosquitoes replaced the black flies.  We camped on the Summer Solstice with a full moon that night.  Wonderful!ImageSince we finished in June we technically beat the Marathon racers coming in July.Image