Liquid Logic Remix XP-9 Crossover/Whitewater Kayak
Brand new 2012 model, Rear hatch and skeg.
Blue/Ice color $895 New Werner whitewater paddle $85.

Valley Avocet Sea Kayak
Polyethylene, 16 feet long, 22 inches wide, 3 hatches, full deck lines, skeg.
Kayak in great condition, fun to paddle, $895.

Contact Patty Pape for photos or more info.
CELL: (248) 390-0680
E-Mail: billpatty@hotmail.com

One response to “KAYAKS FOR SALE

  1. I am selling a Valley Pintail Ocean Kayak; 17′ long, 22″wide, with compass, skeg, foot braces and dry storage. It weighs 52 lbs. Read the reviews on this kayak; they are very good! It just needs new hatch covers, so I’ve dropped the price to $950 to accomodate. It is white with black trim and is in really good condition. I am north of Okemos. If you would like to see pictures or just come out to see it, please email me or call me at
    248 320 4223. Jo Ann

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