Ontario Whitewater – Labor Day Weekend

The Canadian Shield country near Algonquin Provincial Park has some great fun whitewater runs, so grab your paddle and your passport and let’s go. We’ll leave on Friday evening and paddle until Monday. Linda and I are staying all week, and competing in the Gull River Open Canoe Slalom the following weekend, so anyone who wants to is welcome to stay and paddle too.

The rivers we might paddle on this trip are:
• Madawaska River (Palmer Rapids, Middle, and Lower)
• Ottawa River
• Gull River

Participants are expected to provide all of their own gear which includes but is not limited to: a whitewater boat with adequate flotation, life jacket, helmet, paddle, spray skirt for kayaks, wet or dry suit for the cold water we’ll encounter, and river safety knowledge. The water will be cold and the air may be cold too, so cold temperature preparedness is essential.

“Whitewater skills and experience” means you can:
• Catch eddies, peel out, and ferry in class II-III whitewater
• Safely swim in rapids
• Attempt self-rescue (bow rescues or a roll)

We’ll be car-camping on this trip, and eating some meals in camp and some meals in restaurants. I’ll provide more information on travel and lodging as the trip comes together.

Contact Todd Leigh (517-712-9083, toddleigh ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com) for more information.


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