Safety boaters needed July 15 and August 5

Hello paddlers,

Jim and Joyce Donaldson of Elite Endeavors are looking for several kayakers to work as safety boaters at two of thier upcoming triathalons. Safety boating for tri’s is an excellent way for kayakers to support our fellow atheletes. Elite Endeavors is unique in that they pay kayakers for their time as well as welcome them to the food bar following the event. Kayakers are paid $65 for their time. This is a great way to earn some “gear money”!

The two upcoming triathalons that they need help with are:

July 15: Clark Lake Triathlon Clark Lake, MI (south of Jackson off 127) 1/2 mile swim course **** This is a hairy swim course and kayker support is greatly needed.

Race begins at 8:00 am. Kayak support should be on the beach at 7:30 to stage, get instructions, and go over plans.

Swim is usually done by 9:15, and you can play in the water, bring in the buoys, have a bite to eat…… or head home.

They need 6 kayakers.


They need four kayaks here in addition to Suzie and I.

Race begins this year at: 7:15 am, there will be two swims, a supersprint, 1/4 mile, and then 1/2 mile…..going off one after another.

To register for safety boating please contact Jim or Joyce Donaldson at 419-376-9496 or 419-340-6611.

When safety boating, I always keep a spare PFD on my front deck to throw in the event there is a swimmer in distress. This provides them with some emergency floation until I or a lifeguard can get to them. In nearly all instances the swimmer will merely ask to hang on your bow until they’ve caught their breath and then they’re on their way. On a rare occassion you may have to transport a tired swimmer to the shallow’s if their too tired to continue. For them, the race is over.

Hope to see you on the water,

Ron Smith
Black Parrot Paddling, LLC

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