Looking Glass River – Babcock Landing to Wacousta

Saturday, May 19, 2012, 9:00 AM

Meet at the put-in off Babcock Road near the intersection of Chandler Road and Round Lake Road west of Laingsburg at 9:00 a.m. Take out at Looking Glass Riverfront Park, 3899 West Herbison Road, DeWitt Township. This trip is about 12 miles long. We will meet at the put-in and drop off one or more vehicles at the takeout so we can go get our cars after the trip. There will be a lunch stop around midday.

There are at least four portages on the trip because of fallen trees, so expect to get your feet wet and deal with river mud. Please attach a rope or strap at least 15 feet long to the front of your canoe or kayak to help with portaging, and bring a change of clothes in a dry bag in case you swim (unless you’re wearing a wet or dry suit). A PFD must be worn. If you don’t already have a current trip waiver on file, you’ll need to sign one.

Trip coordinator:   lorettacrum@borealpress.com or got to the Meetup page from www.loapc.org for more info.

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