Chippewa River Whitewater – April 21, 2012

Let’s paddle Class I-II whitewater on the Chippewa. This trip will be great if you have river paddling skills and want to step up a little bit in difficulty, or if you have already tried whitewater and want to warm up for the paddling season. We’ll paddle the whitewater features at Mill Pond Park in Mt. Pleasant. This’ll be a good warm-up for the Pennsylvania trip on Memorial Day weekend.
We’ll meet at Mill Pond Park in Mt. Pleasant, MI in the parking area off of Leaton Rd. at 1:30pm. You can run the rapid as many times as you like, and carry back up to the top with no shuttle.
Participants are expected to provide all of their own gear which includes but is not limited to: a whitewater boat with adequate flotation, life jacket, helmet, paddle, spray skirt for kayaks, wet or dry suit for the cold water we’ll encounter, and river safety knowledge. The water will be cold and the air may be cold too, so cold temperature preparedness is essential.
Contact Todd Leigh – 517-333-9716 home, 517-712-9083 cell, if you would like to join us, or if you have questions.

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