Grand River Expedition 2010 Update

Long time no see, fellow GRE2010 paddlers!!!

I have some news that might be of interest concerning upcoming gatherings and events and an update on the progress of MGROW (Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds).

Back in 2010 the committees which got together and organized the GRE2010 had a rough start getting the job done, but we got through those rough patches and pulled off a pretty good event, at least that’s what the folks who were on it said. They also said that they’d like to do another expedition almost EVERY year! The committee was pretty much exhausted at that point but heard the requests and went on to form an organization whose goals were to not only help with the regularly scheduled 10 year expeditions but to encourage tributary expeditions as well as help with environmental concerns which involved our middle Grand River watersheds… hence was born the Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds, MGROW. The Upper and Lower sections of the Grand River are well represented by their own local organizations, but there was a hole where the middle Grand was concerned and MGROW aims to fill that gap. MGROW is progressing forward and has filed with the IRS for non-profit status, has met to elect a board of directors, established a web presence and is ready to start accepting members (it’ll cost ya!) to help with our goals. These can be viewed on our website: So please visit, sign up if you’d care to participate and check out the links and other info.

Now for the NEWS:

The Quiet Waters Symposium is being held this year on March 3rd and MGROW will have a booth there. We’ll be sharing that booth with the Thornapple River Watershed Council which WILL be hosting an expedition this upcoming August for a five day paddling trip down their beautiful river. The Thornapple Expedition 2012 will offer camping, paddling, hiking, education and camaraderie for all involved in the tradition of the Grand River events of past years with the benefits of a shorter expedition distance (for information go to: ).

Here are some other links and information:

for a brochure (which is still in progress) for the Thornapple Expedition 2012 go to:

for an article by Howard Meyerson on the Thornapple:

for more information on the Quiet Water Symposium (QWS):

for that link to MGROW again:

and finally some insight into QWS this year:

Outdoor Adventure, Indoors, at Michigan State University

The public is invited to attend the Quiet Water Symposium at:
Michigan State University Pavilion
Saturday, March 3, 2012
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
The Quiet Water Symposium, the largest one-day show of its type in the nation, celebrates non-motorized outdoor recreation. This year’s program will include entertaining presentations on paddle sports, bicycling, camping, boat building and other outdoor skills.
Interactive displays manned by knowledgeable enthusiasts and experts on topics such as boat building, camp cooking, cycling, kayaking and protecting our watersheds and environment will also be featured. Speakers include Kevin Callan, Cliff Jacobson, Doc Fletcher, Gary and Joanie McGuffin and many others. Vendors will be available to help you chose the right gear or classes with which to get the proper start. For more information please visit

Hope to see many of you at QWS and on the Thornapple!
Lou (Ex-Registrar GRE2010)

Liutauras Gedvilas


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