31st Annual Au Sable River Overnight

The 31st Annual ASRO will be taking place as scheduled on February 18-19 , 2012 on the Au Sable River.  The rendezvous Saturday morning the 18th is at the Big Boy Restaurant in Grayling at 8:30 a.m.  From there we will unload at Old Au Sable Fly Shop (formerly Ray’s canoe livery) on the river and run shuttle down to Parmalee and check for ice at the landing.  We should be launching on the river by 11:30 a.m.

We will be camping overnight so everyone going needs to be an experienced winter camper as well as an experienced paddler.  We have had night time lows down to -20 degrees but the average is typically around +10 degrees but that is still cold without the proper equipment. 

All paddlers are responsible for their own actions, equipment, emergency gear, and clothing as this is a self-guided and self-equipped trip.

Jay Hanks

One response to “31st Annual Au Sable River Overnight

  1. We have learned a lot over the years and I will try to summarize the key points.

    First, it is important that all participants have competent paddling skills whether they are using a kayak or a canoe. This is not a beginner trip although it is relatively straight forward. The last thing anyone wants to do is tip over so the best defense is skill. Having said that there have still been a few incidents over the past 30 years and packing a complete change of clothes in a waterproof dry bag is mandatory.

    Clothing is about the same as if you were going to go skiing in the winter time as far as insulation, and wind and water proofness. Your lower body will probably need a little more and your upper body a little less. Your feet usually get the coldest while in the boat.

    You will need a sleeping bag you are comfortable in down to zero. Sunday morning has typically been single digits although we have had colder and warmer variations occasionally. I use a zero degree sleeping bag but others have used 20 degree bags and a blanket. This also needs to be packed in a dry bag.

    A tent is basically just to keep the wind and snow off you. Any tent will do but a free-standing one is easier to set up on frozen ground. Some people just use tarps and a ground cloth to achieve the same effect.

    Food is simple. Eat anything you want to bring. Nothing will spoil. We always have a huge cook fire so grilling is fine for Saturday night. Many of us also just bring a small camp stove and cook that way, too.

    There is a hand pump in camp to get more fresh water, but you can always boil water from the river for cooking.

    Logistically, we meet at 8:30 am at the Big Boy Restaurant in Grayling right off I-75 on Saturday morning. After breakfast we go to the Old Au Sable Fly Shop (formerly Ray’s Livery) to unload gear. We run shuttle down to the take out at Parmalee and after returning launch the boats. We stop for lunch at Burton’s Landing. It is about 5-6 hours of paddling into camp on Saturday and about 3-1/2 hours paddling to the take out on Sunday.

    If there are any more questions please feel free to ask

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