Au Sable River trip August 12-14

 I am coordinating the Lansing Oar and Paddle Club trip on the Au Sable River coming up in about two weeks. The plan is to meet Friday evening August 12 at Parmalee State Forest Campground. There are only five vehicle sites but ample walk-in sites for participants. If you can get up there early that’s fine, and I plan to arrive about 8:00 pm.

Parmalee is the take out for the weekend and the concept is to leave our takeout vehicles there on Saturday morning. We then just drive into Grayling and launch the boats. The reason for this is to get in front of the boat rentals on the river that will occur during the day.

This is an overnight paddling trip and you will be camping out of your boats. Since it is summer you will only need a light sleeping bag and clothing, but raingear is always an essential. You will need your own tent or other personal shelter unless you are sharing. You will need your own food. PFD’s are mandatory.

Plan on a quick breakfast in camp Saturday morning with an early lunch at Burton’s Landing about 11:00 am. Since we will arrive at White Pine State Forest Campground ($6.00/person camping fee) fairly early you may wish to bring a snack before dinner. We will have a grill to cook over the fire but you should bring a small amount of legally procured firewood to bring in your boat if you want a fire. All adjacent lands are private property and there is essentially no firewood to be found at the site.

Sunday we will pack up and float down to Parmalee and run into Grayling and get our cars, return to Parmalee, load boats and head home.

I hope we meet new friends as well as old friends!

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President


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