Manistee River Part IV


I will be coordinating the final leg of our journey down the Manistee River from Friday July 29 through Sunday July 31. We will meet Friday evening at Tippy Dam Campground, which is at the base of the dam by the boat launch. We will camp there the entire weekend, so dining options in camp are wide open as they apply to what you wish to bring and prepare. I would like to promote a group dinner on Saturday with everyone bring something they would like to share. It doesn’t have to be your entire dinner. It can be extra salads or desserts as you prefer. We will have a campfire and grill for those wishing to cook over the fire. Paddling options will be discussed and decided by those who show up Friday night in camp. We have several different day paddles available to us for the weekend. Any boat is suitable as the river is wide open and you will only need to carry lunch, water, raingear, and safety gear. This is posted on our Meetup site for the Club which you can link to through our website


Jay Hanks


One response to “Manistee River Part IV

  1. We have 14 people signed up for this trip using Meetup. This should be a great summer blast. Great paddling on a beautiful river and great food to share on Saturday night!

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