Looking Glass BBQ and Paddle

Saturday, May 7 – We’ll meet at Looking Glass Valley Park, on Wacousta Rd about 2-1/4 miles north of Grand River Rd.  The easiest way to get there from the Lansing area is to take exit 90 from I-96 westbound at Grand River, go west about 1-1/2 miles to Wacousta Rd, and north to the park.  You can arrive any time starting at 11, and we’ll eat at about noon.  I’ll provide burgers, hot dogs, and/or bratwurst to grill, as well as buns, plates, utensils, cups, etc.  Please bring a dish to pass, and whatever you’d like to drink.  Folding chairs would be handy, as would a cooler, too.

After lunch, we will haul the boats across the street and launch from the neighbor’s back yard.  The route is about 15 miles on the river.  I expect this to take about 4 hours, more or less.  We will need someone to drop a few vehicles in Portland to help people haul boats back to the starting point.  If you have a truck or a way to haul multiple boats, or a van who can carry multiple paddlers, I would be in your debt if you volunteer for this.

This river is more suited for shorter boats that are more maneuverable.  Sea kayaks are still welcome, of course.  If you would rather have something else, Harlowe’s Canoe Livery is just down the street a quarter mile away.  You can reach Betty Harlow at 626-6873 to reserve a boat.

I need a head count of how many people plan to be here for this event.  Please e-mail me at tkuhlman56@gmail.com if you plan to attend, so I can plan accordingly.  E-mail works better for me than sending it to the blog, so just reply to this message if you plan to attend.

Oh, in case of really bad weather, I’ll still be happy to have a house full of people to help eat all this food.  We can skip that cold wet part and…  play cards or something, I don’t know.  I’m winging it here!!!  The point is to get a bunch of fun people together and have a good time, whether it’s paddling or eating or whatever.

Tony Kuhlman

PS:  Don’t forget the Banff Mountain Film Festival next Friday night at 8 PM at MSU’s Eli Broad Business Building, sponsored in the Lansing area by the MSU Outdoor Club.  Here’s a link to their site for details and a couple of short videos:



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