Boardman, Brew and Bear Trip Update

The Boardman, Brew, and Bear Trip – April 30 – May 1, 2011 We’ll meet at The Omelette Shoppe (1209 E. Front St.) in Traverse City at 8:00am on Saturday morning (April 30) to fuel up. Then we’ll head over to the Boardman River. The section we paddle will depend on the group and the water level, but it will include the Class I-II section from Beitner Road to Keystone Pond (see ). We’ll drive up on Friday night; lodging suggestions include Traverse City State Park for campers or any number of cheap hotels along Highway 31/72 in Traverse City. Bring a lunch to eat on the river. On Saturday night we’ll go to the Shorts Brewing Company (121 N. Bridge St.) in Bellaire for micro-brewed beer and food. We’ll stay at the All Seasons Motel in Bellaire so we can walk back from the brewpub. There are lots of hotel choices in the area, and several state parks (Young, Fisherman’s Island, Petosky) for camping if you’d rather do that. On Sunday, we’ll explore the Bear River in Petosky which is reportedly “the best whitewater in the Lower Penninsula” (see ). Apparently the City of Petosky has made improvements to the banks and channel, so this is one of the new breed of constructured whitewater that is coming to Michigan at Ann Arbor (Argo Dam) and Eaton Rapids. Of course, running this section this depends on the water level, so another option for Sunday is the Jordan River. This is rated as class II-III whitewater on the American Whitewater site, so it will probably be tougher than the Boardman. The rivers on this trip start with easier whitewater and progress to harder whitewater, but you should have some whitewater skills and experience for this trip. Participants are expected to provide all of their own gear which includes but is not limited to: a whitewater boat with adequate flotation, life jacket, helmet, paddle, spray skirt for kayaks, wet or dry suit for the cold water we’ll encounter, and river safety knowledge. The water will be cold and the air may be cold too, so cold temperature preparedness is essential. Contact Todd Leigh – 517-333-9716 home, 517-712-9083 cell, if you would like to join us, or if you have questions.


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