Indian River Trip Update

Indian River Canoe–postponed due to prolonged snow The new dates for this trip will be May 14th/15th. In the UP, and particularly this year, mid May is still early spring. The weather will likely be cool and the river cold and fast. The forest service brochure on the route notes, “there are many windfalls and, as a wild and scenic river, it is not cleared bank to bank” Actually in mid May, this years falls will not have been cleared at all. This trip is for skilled paddlers who can maneuver around obstructions in fast water and don’t mind getting out to pull their boat around some of them. We will be backcountry camping at a canoe campsite Saturday evening. Hopefully we will be able to camp the night before the trip at Widewaters Campground, though the official opening date is May 15th:will update those who are signed up when that information is available. In any case we will meet there at 9:00AM Saturday morning to do shuttle. At the paddler’s discretion, there are two possible end points. Those who must return to civilization will want to take out at Indian River Campground on M-94. Those with more time may want to continue through the spreads to the 8 Mile Rd takeout as this area often affords opportunities to see wildlife.

One response to “Indian River Trip Update

  1. Hi Jay,

    Per our discussion last week, I think the Indian River Paddle should be cancelled at least for this week. Have not received any email about it, the Wide Waters Campground will not be open and the long range forecast is less than encouraging….

    Sorry it didn’t work out…


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