30th Annual Au Sable River Overnight (ASRO)

The 30th Annual ASRO will be taking place as scheduled on February 19 – 20, 2011 on the Au Sable River.  The rendezvous Saturday morning the 19th is at the Big Boy Restaurant in Grayling at 8:30 a.m.  From there we will unload at Old Au Sable Fly Shop (formerly Ray’s canoe livery) on the river and run shuttle down to Parmalee and check for ice at the landing.  We should be launching on the river by 11:30 a.m.

We will be camping overnight so everyone going needs to be an experienced winter camper as well as an experienced paddler.  We have had night time lows down to -20 degrees but the average is typically around +10 degrees but that is still cold without the proper equipment. 

All paddlers are responsible for their own actions, equipment, emergency gear, and clothing as this is a self-guided and self-equipped trip.

Jay Hanks

Also, the following information was sent to me by George Stockman:

In a message dated 12/30/2010 9:00:16 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, G_Stockman@msn.com writes:

Hi Jay,

I plan to join you again this year on the AuSable, providing is isn’t raining.  I might have a couple friends coming with me.

We just bought a chalet 4 miles south of Grayling and I plan to be there Friday night. You’re welcome to join me; same for our other regulars.  The place can be heated and is pretty nice, but has little furniture, so sleeping mats will be needed. I may stay there another day after. I might not turn the water on, but we can use the stove to heat water and can have a bucket in the bathroom!

Paddlers should email me at G_Stockman@msn.com if they want to stay over with me on Friday night and should send a phone number as well. If there is a lot of snow, I may have some other logistics to worry about — we should easily be able to park six 4WD vehicles, but may have trouble with 2WDs if the snow is deep. 

The chalet is at 3149 5 Mile Road and is about 1.5 miles due east of the junction of HWYs 75 and 127.  Take the 4 Mile Rd Exit, 30 yards east, then south on Old 27 to the 2 big billboards, turn east on 5 Mile to the Chalet on the right, about 50 yards south in the woods. If you see Merro Rd going off to the right, you have gone 100 yards too far.

I have a 5 canoe trailer stashed at the chalet that we can use for the shuttle if you like.  2″ ball I think.




3 responses to “30th Annual Au Sable River Overnight (ASRO)

  1. Jay
    I along with 7 others paddled the AuSable last weekend. Up river of Parmalee Bridge was totally ice covered. Down river was open. We parked our vehicles at the Paralee Trading Post with the idea that we would most likely pull out were we had to a few years ago and walk for the vehicles. No such luck.
    We ran into a lot of ice upriver of Burtons Landing and had to drag the boats through the woods for a considerable distance ( three times the river was iced over so thick that we could not break through it and it looked iced up for as far as we could see). We camped at Burton’s Landing Sat. night and on Sun. paddled down to Stephan Bridge and pulled out there. The river was in good shape with no shelf ice between Burton’s Landing and Stephan Bridge Road. Not a long paddle but it was fun.

  2. We’ll have to check the river out for ice too if the landing at Parmalee is locked up. When it gets cold enough it will happen, as you just reported. Let’s hope for a minor thaw………….

  3. YES! 1st thaw of this winter is on its way! Milder temps starting Sunday February 13 all of the way through until we go paddling! Let’s hope it is enough!!!!!

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