New Year’s Day Float

We are planning on our 20th Annual New Year’s Day Float on Saturday, January 1, 2011.  We are watching weather conditions to decide on the best location for the event.

The Eaton Rapids Paddling Club is paddling on New Year’s Day from Eaton Rapids to Bunker Road.  They plan on launching at noon behind the Quality Dairy.  We are thinking of joining them if the river is still open at that  time, otherwise we typically meet at Kruger Landing on the Red Cedar River at 10:00 am and paddle up to the Kalamazoo St. bridge and float back.

Stay tuned and we will update this before the float!

Jay Hanks


4 responses to “New Year’s Day Float

  1. I have preliminary information indicating the Grand River is still open below Eaton Rapids. I will keep updating this through the end of next week for the New Year’s Day paddle destination.

    • The plan for New Year’s Day is to meet at 9:00 am at Kruger Landing on the Red Cedar River off Aurelius Road to go upstream and back for about 2 hours total paddling, or meet in Eaton Rapids at noon behind the Quality Dairy on the Grand River and paddle from there down to Charles Nicholson’s home below Pietrieville. In my case I’m going to do both!!!

  2. I paddled today from Kruger Landing up to the Kalamazoo Bridge and
    back. There was little ice, but quite a lot above the bridge. I then paddled past the zoo and back — probably the Red Cedar is clear down to the Grand River.
    Interesting 1/4 acre ice shelf where the geese have been standing for two weeks — yuk! Probably will see you Saturday.

  3. It might be running a little behind, but I paddled at 9:00 am on the RC and at noon on the Grand. The Grand had ice blocking the entire river just above Bunker Road but portaging and sliding took care of it.

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