Turkey Float Reports

Looking around southern lower Michigan, there was a lot of paddling activity on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving:

  • LOAPC was on the Red Cedar River on Friday paddling from Kruger Landing up to the Harrison Road/Grand River intersection and back.
  • The Grand Rapids paddlers-at-large were on the Rogue River also on Friday.
  • The Great Lakes Paddling Club was on the Huron River from Kent Lake dam down to Riverbend Park in the Island Lake Recreation Area.
  • LOAPC was again out on Saturday on the Flint River from approximately Ballenger Road to Montrose/M-57.  We covered a distance of 19 miles in about 5 hours in a relatively rural setting.

Don’t put those boats away for the winter.  Still some opportunities for appropriately equipped and skilled persons to get out and go paddling in selected areas.

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President


One response to “Turkey Float Reports

  1. I saw that the G.R.E.A.T. folks from the Jackson area were on the Upper Grand River on Friday.

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