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All trips will have coordination information posted on the Club website blog at 30 days prior to the activity with contact info.  Note that a few trips require more advanced commitment due to ferry or lodging reservations needed.  Participants are responsible for having appropriate equipment and ability. 

December 24    18thAnnual Christmas Eve Morning Float – Daytrip. 

Meet at Kruger Landing on the Red Cedar River and Aurelius Road at 10:00 am on Saturday December 24 for a 2 hour paddle excursion. We will go upstream to the Kalamazoo Street Bridge or maybe a little further and then float back to the Landing.

Trip coordinator:

Turkey Float Reports

Looking around southern lower Michigan, there was a lot of paddling activity on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving:

  • LOAPC was on the Red Cedar River on Friday paddling from Kruger Landing up to the Harrison Road/Grand River intersection and back.
  • The Grand Rapids paddlers-at-large were on the Rogue River also on Friday.
  • The Great Lakes Paddling Club was on the Huron River from Kent Lake dam down to Riverbend Park in the Island Lake Recreation Area.
  • LOAPC was again out on Saturday on the Flint River from approximately Ballenger Road to Montrose/M-57.  We covered a distance of 19 miles in about 5 hours in a relatively rural setting.

Don’t put those boats away for the winter.  Still some opportunities for appropriately equipped and skilled persons to get out and go paddling in selected areas.

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President

Kayaking on the Grand River near the Michigan Princess Sunday November 21

Join us for a fun float on the river before the snow begins to fall.

We won’t be going anywhere in particular. Just wherever our mood takes us.

I’ll be showing some beginners the basics.

We will meet on the boat dock at Grand River Park which is on Old Lansing Rd. If you are coming from the East you would take the Lansing Rd exit (Exit 4) off of I-496 then look for the park on the left just after you go under the railroad tracks and across from the Dispatch Bar. If you are coming from the West just get on Old Lansing Rd (or Lansing Rd) and go East and after you pass Waverly Rd then look for the Dispatch Bar and the park and boat dock are across the street.

Here’s a map: http://www.michiganpr…

Follow David and friends back to his house for a Bonfire, food, and card playing.


Turkey Float Friday, November 26

Plan A – Meet at the North Lansing Dam – Brenke fish Ladder (parking off of North Grand River Ave.) at 9 AM with the plan to set shuttle to paddle to Grand Ledge J. C. park.  An alternate half way take out is at Delta Mills. Paddle time to Grand Ledge may be about 4 hours.

Plan B in case of ice would be to skip shuttle & paddle up through Potter Park as far as we wanted to and then return. 

Rich Bailey

Pool Time for Kayaks Nov. – Dec. 2010

We’ll be running classes at Kinawa Middle School pool in Okemos, on Monday nights starting this week, for the next 4 weeks.  If you would like to attend, pool time is from 7:30 to 9:30.  Bring your (clean) boats and paddles.

See you there.

Todd & Linda.

Two 20th Annual post-Thanksgiving paddling daytrips

There will be paddling trips on Friday, November 26 and Saturday, November 27, 2010 as the Club as done annually for the past 20 years.  The Friday trip will be discussed in more detail at the November 16 Club meeting, with a posting to follow, but the Saturday trip up in Flint, MI has the following logistics worked out:

Meet at 9:00 am at the end of Mitson Blvd. to run shuttle.

Directions:            Take US-23/I-75 north from Flint and exit on M-21/Corunna Rd.  Go east on Corunna Rd to Ballenger Hwy and turn north.  Turn west (left) onto Flushing Rd.  Turn south (left) onto Mitson Blvd.  Launch at the Flint River at the end of the street. 

Halfway lunch stop is Flushing Park off N. McKinley Rd.  Shuttle is to take Flushing Rd. west to Seymour Rd., and then north to M-57/Vienna Rd.  Anyone getting out at lunch at Flushing Park will have to make a detour through Flushing by turning east (right) off from Seymour Rd. onto W. Main St. and then north (left) onto N. McKinley Rd. 

Final end for the day is M-57/Vienna Rd.

Re: Lansing Paddlers Anyone interested in a LOAPC bike ride?

I’m planning a bike ride as a club outing for Saturday, Nov 13.  Anyone interested?  I’m going to the Falling Water trail, on the west side of Jackson – see the link below for more details.  The trail is a linear park, and is part of the Jackson County park system.  It’s a paved stretch of abandoned railroad line, and runs about 10 miles from end to end. 

The plan is to drive down, take a fun ride with the group, and then head for a local pub to replace all those fluids we will have lost from our exertions.  If they happen to have a great hamburger or Reuben or basket of curly fries, so much the better!  This is sort of a last minute activity, and it’s heavily dependent on weather.  If Saturday is just a bust weather-wise, then Sunday the 14th is my fallback date.  Starting time is a bit fluid at the moment, but we’ll meet sometime Saturday morning and caravan down.  If you’re interested, drop me a line, and I’ll send directions to everyone that replies.

Also – I know that bikes can be more trouble to transport than a kayak.  If you have room to carry a bike for someone else, let me know.  I can possibly carry a few extras if necessary in my truck or on a trailer, as long as I know ahead of time.

Tony Kuhlman
LOAPC rec co-chair
Some more details on this trip:

We will meet at the Sunoco gas station on Dunckel Rd, just east of exit 11 on US-127.  I will be there by 8:45, and plan to leave at 9 AM.  The gas station has food, coffee, and restrooms.  Look for my truck – a dark grey Ford Ranger.  I plan to leave by 9 AM.


PS:   The fallback date in case of rain is Sunday, Nov. 14.  Yes, I know Monday is Opening Day of deer season.  If you’re a hunter, that’s fine.  Just please don’t shoot us off our bikes, OK?  Deer don’t have wheels!  🙂