4th Annual Pine River Base Camp Overnight (PRiBCO)

We will be camping at  Coolwater Campground www.coolwatercampground.com on Friday night, October 1, and Saturday night, October 2. It is located off M-37 about 2 miles south of M-55. From there go east at the sign for Kestelwoods Campground about 2 miles and Coolwater is on the left where the road changes from pavement to dirt. Bring a tent, food, and cooking equipment for breakfasts and dinners.

Saturday, October 2 we will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Dobson Bridge parking lot (on top of the hill, not at the launch site) to run shuttle. There is a daily self-service fee for any vehicles parked there so bring some small bills.  We will launch from Silver Creek Campground and float back to Dobson Bridge. Bring a lunch and drinking water, plus appropriate clothing for whatever nature decides to do.

Sunday, October 3 we will meet at the Dobson Bridge launch site at 9:00 a.m. and run shuttle. We will then paddle from Dobson Bridge to Low Bridge, again bringing a lunch and drinking water. Expected time on the water each day is about 7 hours, unless the trip moves a little faster.  There are also camping opportunities at Pine River Paddlesports near Peterson Bridge. The Peterson Bridge National Forest Campground has been renovated with paved campsite parking areas and minimal tent camping space.

The Pine River is considered by some to be moderately difficult. Beginners usually have trouble with it but advanced beginner and intermediate paddlers should have no problems.

11 responses to “4th Annual Pine River Base Camp Overnight (PRiBCO)

  1. Do we have a group campsite?

  2. No, there are no group campsites at Coolwater. I would suggest that the first person there make the decision as to where everyone will camp and we will all camp around them so as to create a “group”. Canoes and kayaks on top of vehicles are a pretty good sign you are going paddling, so we should find each other fairly easily. 🙂

  3. cecelia stinstrom

    Gus and I will be there for the paddle. We have paddled this event with you in the past. Look forward to seeing you all again.

  4. I recently sent in a signed waiver and membership fees for my family. We want to do this trip. Is there anything special we need to do or anything extra we need to know aside from what is on this site.

    We have all our own kayaking gear, PFDs, wet suits, dry suits, etc.

    John Hayes
    jhh at envirobat dot org

  5. Are there any carpool plans out there for this weekend? Contact info would be helpful to get some people together. I am willing to play matchmaker if you do not wish to post publicly by relaying through witewtr58@aol.com.

    Jay Hanks

  6. I have a question about the pine river. I didn’t bother to think about it much until reading a description of the river on the camp ground web site. I thought I could get away with using my sea kayaks. I am wondering if this is the case? I noticed pictures of some float trips published by some canoe livery groups and it appeared they were using rec boats. I did not really see any white water boats. So if the sea kayaks won’t do, I do have some 12 foot rec boats (but I’d rather use the sea kayaks if I can).

    In any event, is the plan to use the same camp ground on both nights? Or are we camping out of our boats along the way.

    John Hayes
    jhh at envirobat dot org

    • John: Experienced paddlers have taken sea kayaks down the Pine River before on our trips. I would not recommend them for beginners, but if you are a decent paddler, you will have no problems. There are some tight turns in moving current, but I’ve seen sea kayaks negotiate them many times without issues.

      Mostly rec boats are used by beginners, and whitewater boats are used by those of use hungering for anything moving fast.

      Pine River Base Camp Overnight: yes, we will be camping at the same location all weekend. Only lunch, water and safety equipment need to go down the river each day.

      Jay Hanks

  7. Hey Jay.

    Do you welcome non members with decent skills to join you on this outing, or at least hitch a ride from your shuttle?

    Will Brewster

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