Killarney Provincial Park – Bob Dick Memorial Paddle

The trip to Killarney Provincial Park this fall will be in honor of Bob Dick, longtime canoeist and friend, who passed away last winter.  Killarney was one of his favorite locations, and if you have been there before, you know why.  The beauty and magnificence of the area is unsurpassed.  It is also where Bob would celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Day by preparing a turkey with all of the sides in the middle of the woods. 

We will continue this tradition be meeting up in the campground at Killarney Provincial Park on Friday, October 8.  If you arrive after dark, meet us at the boat launch in the campground by 9:00 am ready to go on Saturday, October 9. 

We will paddle and portage back into the interior of the park and set up a base camp by the end of the day.  From this point everyone can plan his or her Sunday activities, as the plan is to leave the camp set up until Monday. 

Sunday evening, October 10, we will have the turkey dinner.  Bring a thanksgiving-style side dish to compliment the turkey for this group meal.  It is important to RSVP with your planned attendance and the side you are bringing. 

Monday, October 11 we will pack up, paddle back to the boat landing in the campground, and head back home.  

See you there!  

Jay Hanks


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