Dobie Road Bridge closed til October

The Dobie Road Bridge over the Red Cedar in Okemos is already closed at water level as of mid May 2010. Catch nets have been placed across the upstream and downstream channels, apparently to keep debris from falling into the river during construction. There is no downstream passage during the construction.

My May 29 Red Cedar trip from Van Atta Road to Ferguson Park is canceled, and no more Red Cedar trips will be scheduled on this stretch until the bridge repair is finished in mid October. The bridge will close to vehicle traffic in both directions starting June 11.

7 responses to “Dobie Road Bridge closed til October

  1. 8-3-10 kayaked from ferguson park, okemos rd. almost to van atta rd. to many trees down, dobie bridge area was open.

  2. The Club usually clears the river on an annual basis, although there is one HUGE blockage below Grand River Blvd. we have not been able to do anything with. We have not been out yet this year with the construction and closing of the Dobie Road Bridge.
    Did you paddle upstream from Ferguson Park?

  3. Does anyone know if there is any river clearing in the works for the Red Cedar from Williamston to VanAtta Road? It is very impassable. I hit a ton of huge log jams.

    • The Club did a clearing the first weekend in October of this year from Grand River down to Okemos and it is now passable. We have not worked on the stretch from Williamston to Grand River Blvd. except for a logjam near Sherwood road that we started cutting up on the right side.

      • Good information. Are there any plans to work on the Williamston to VanAtta road stretch? It is a beautiful area, but plagued heavily with log jams. Let me know if there is something I can do to reach out to others, to physically help, or help in some other way. I am thrilled that most of the river downstream is passable now. Thank you.

      • Jeff Potter’s group is focusing on the Williamston to Meridian Road section of the river, although I don’t think he has any immediate plans to clear it before winter. You can reach out to him on his Facebook group at LOAPC has been handling Meridian to Okemos. Join our Meetup group at to stay informed of future clearing events. Hope to see you on the river!

      • Thank you. I will check with Jeff to see how I can help.

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