Sea kayaking trip to Middle Island near Alpena

We are looking for folks who would be interested in paddling to Middle Island (near Alpena) and staying in the lighthouse keeper’s house on it, which is for rent, on Saturday, July 24. 
See http://www.middleis landkeeperslodge .com/ for more information.
You can paddle the 2 mile crossing to the island, or you can have your boat taken across by Captain Mike and just paddle in the vicinity of the island.  In any case, anyone of any experience with any type of boat could do the trip, because if you tried the crossing and didn’t want to paddle back, or the weather got bad, everyone could just get taken back on the boat.  We paddled over there and camped on the island years ago when they were just starting to renovate the lighthouse, so it should be pretty cool to see what has been done.
The cost depends on how many people there are (sleeps 10) and whether or not we use the transportation boat, but it would be about $40-50 per person at most.  There is a completely furnished kitchen, and linens are included.  Just like the ski house, I think we could tuck a few extra people in here and there if the group got bigger.
There are a lot of places to do a neat day paddle on Sunday after leaving the island, too.
We need to know asap, because this is the only open Saturday left, and we need to send in a deposit.
Linda & Todd

One response to “Sea kayaking trip to Middle Island near Alpena

  1. Hi, I’m from WMCKA and usually do all my big Lake paddling on Lake Michigan. Your proposed trip sounds like fun to me. I’ve never paddled the ‘sunrise side’ of our state and I love paddling to and around lighthouses. I’d like to talk my husband into this. It sounds like a sweet, short, interesting trip.

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