Summer sea kayaking trips

Hey paddlers, Let’s get some dialog going for anyone who is interested in doing any summer trips. Our plan for a medium-length trip is to paddle the south shore of Lake Superior from the Tacquamenon River mouth to Grand Marais. Lighthouses, agate hunting, great campgrounds, and really the only place on the south shore where it is still largely roadless (not lined with private property and houses). This trip would take 5-6 days (4-5 days of paddling and 1-2 planned weather days). The best time to do it would be early August, but we have not set dates yet in order to coordinate with others. We could set a shuttle, or pay someone to move our cars. This trip is for anyone who has a sea kayak with sealed bulkheads who can paddle 12 mile days and would like to get some open water experience in some wind and up to 2-3 foot waves if necessary.

Other destinations we have been thinking of:

1. Long Point park, northern Lake Erie in Ontario – a weekend trip – base camp and day paddles, for anyone with any experience or craft. Need to make a reservation for this soon!

2. Beaver Island group – long weekend sea kayak, wilderness camping, conditions similar to Lake Superior paddle.

3. The La Cloche islands offshore of Fort La Cloche Provincial park (north shore Georgian Bay near Blind River) – long weekend, sea kayak, wilderness camping. This is a remote and unvisited place and might be a bit of an adventure.

4. East shore of the Bruce Peninsula – fantastic cliffs, caves, and lighthouses. Base camp at Cypress Lake campground and do day paddles – weekend or long weekend for anyone of any experience or craft. Again, need to make a reservation for this soon!

5. We will certainly go up to the Ottawa once to visit Cam and paddle some whitewater for a long weekend.

Our long planned trip is the French River, the second week of September. This is a wilderness trip with some rapids and likely lining and/or portages, and a paddle along the north shore of Georgian Bay to finish up. Spectacular. We are doing this in a canoe, but I suppose it could be done in a sea kayak too. After seeing Scott Savage paddle the Ontonagon with us in a Skerry last spring, I’ve seen it all. If anyone had weekends they knew were free, had some ideas, and wanted to get something planned – let us know.

Linda & Todd

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