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Missinaibi River 2009

Well, Im leaving tomorrow for the Missinaibi river with a few friends.  I wish I was able to update this blog on a daily basis like all of the fancy Everest expeditions, but since we are bringing a satphone maybe I’ll call in once or twice on the highlight to date.

The river is rising.  June saw a lot of rain and the river is half again as much as peak spring runoff.  The last time I did this trip it was in September and there was hardly enough water to drink, much less canoe.  Looks like we’ll have our hands full this year.

The plan is to launch from Hawk Junction and go upstream past the town of Missanabie through Manitowik and Dog Lakes, and then portage the Height of Land into Crooked Lake and finally Missinaibi Lake.  We expect a total of about four days to reach the river and then ten days downstream to Mattice for a fourteen day trip total.  From Mattice we will get shuttled to Hearst and then take the Algoma Central Railway back to Hawk Junction.

It all sound so neat and simple.  Canadian river trips are exercises in entropy and enough Plan B’s, C’s and D’s to put the alphabet to good use.   Excerpts from previous trips are highlighted in my “Reflections on the Tsangpo” series that has been featured in the Club newsletter.  I fully expect this trip will provide enough material for more articles.

Stay tuned for updates as the trip unfolds.

Jay Hanks