4th Annual Spring Fling May 3

The Lansing Oar and Paddle Club will have a table set up at the 2009
Spring Fling.  Please bring a boat you would be willing to display or
let someone borrow as a paddle demo.  We would like to be able to turn our display into an informal swap meet to paddle each other’s boats.  Any other display or demo ideas please post your comments. Jay Hanks, President
Outdoor Sport & Recreation Event
Sunday May 3rd, 2009        12:00 noon – 5:00 p.m.

Announcement from Chris Kargel:

“Brighton Recreation Area is once again hosting our Spring Fling event.
The purpose of this event is to get people back outdoors after a long
winter and provide them with new ideas for outdoor recreation and
education opportunities.  Last year’s event was a great success and
well attended by the public.  Over twenty groups participated in this
event last year, and we’re hoping to pick up a few more groups this
year.  The goal of this event is to introduce people to a wide variety
of outdoor activities and allow them hands on access to the activity
of their choosing.  We have an opportunity in these troubled economic
times to provide an introduction to many of the low-cost recreational
opportunities that abound in Michigan’s great outdoors.

The event will take place at Brighton Recreation Area’s, Bishop Lake
Complex. Event hours for 2009 are from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on
Sunday, May 3rd. You must be committed to having your display
available and open to the public for the entire time period.

Attending groups, clubs, businesses and agencies will have an outdoor
area of approximately 20’x20’ to set up and display their
information.  We encourage attending groups to use this opportunity to
promote their activities and expose the public to the many different
types of outdoor activities that are available.  The more hands on and
interactive the better.  We encourage all groups to have some type of
activity available to the public free of charge.  This will allow the
public to try out your activities or services and educate them about
Michigan’s Natural Resources and outdoor activities.

Previous groups that have attended this event are: Michigan Geocaching
Organization, Michigan Mushroom Hunters, Wilson Marine, Michigan
Mountain Bikers, Sierra Club, and D&D Bikes, just to name a few.
There are no charges for participating groups and a State Park Motor
vehicle permit is all that is required for the public to attend.

Similar to previous years, we will also be conducting outdoor
educational classes and demonstrations.  If your group would be
willing to conduct an interactive activity, i.e., a short hike, or a
special demonstration, please let us know on the attached form.
Finally, we are also soliciting help in the promotion and funding of
this event.  If your group or agency is able to assist in any way,
please let us know.

Thank you for helping to promote the wonderful outdoor opportunities
available to everyone in the great outdoors of Michigan.  I look
forward to working with those of you that have been here in the past
and meeting those of you that will be joining us for the first time.”

For more information or questions please contact:

Chris Kargel
Park Ranger, Brighton Recreation Area
810-229-6566 (Office Hours Mon-Thur 8am-4:30pm)

One response to “4th Annual Spring Fling May 3

  1. Jay, do you have enough boats and stuff for tomorrow, or would you like some more, was thinking of coming over there…Randy
    e-mail me at sunchaser2004@comcast.net

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