18th Annual New Year’s Day Paddle


The 18th Annual New Year’s Day Paddle will be at Kruger Landing off Aurelius Road on the Red Cedar River at 10:00 a.m. January 1, 2009.  Due to winter conditions, the river is only reliably open from Potter Park just downstream up to the Kalamazoo St. bridge.  We will launch from the landing and paddle upstream as far as we can go and then float back.  Please review past blogs for cold-weather paddling tips.  If you don’t know – don’t go.

Jay Hanks


5 responses to “18th Annual New Year’s Day Paddle

  1. The Red Cedar is kicking but will be down considerably by 1 Jan. It should be at a great level to run from Grand River down to Kruger Landing — would take 3 hours though. Today, one can’t get under the bridge at Van Atta and by the golf course. If I go north, have a good time without me and be careful. GEorge

  2. I’ll see you there!


  3. I’ll be there too.

  4. Jay, those of us that couldn’t join you are awaiting a trip report….looks like you had a great day for the paddle, hope all went well Randy

  5. Me and Rich went. We decided to launch at Kruger Landing and float
    downstream to the Grand River and we took out at North Lansing above
    the Brenke Fish Ladder. Caveats to note: 1) recent high water was
    still keeping the Red Cedar out of its banks so running down from
    Ferguson to Kruger could have been tricky, especially since portaging
    the MSU wave and logjams is unpredicatable. 2) heading upstream
    against a river that is out of its banks exposes you to weird surges
    in flow that can get you intimate with the trout. 3) launching with
    shore ice is always tricky. You can lose your footing and gravity and
    low friction will slide you right in before you can get in your boat.
    Taking out is the same. We scouted the takeout before we ever started
    and made sure we could get out before being washed over the falls –
    important safety tip.

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