18th Annual Turkey Float on Red Cedar River

The 18th Annual Turkey Float is planned for the Friday after Thanksgiving (or  November 28 for non-holiday observers) and is a rain or shine event on the Red Cedar River. 

We will meet at Ferguson Park in Okemos at 10:00 a.m. Friday morning to run shuttle up to the park at Grand River Blvd. and Meridian Road.   Pack some turkey sandwiches and we should be done by 2:00 p.m. or so.  It is really cool to hear all of the traffic out there busy shopping as you approach Okemos Road and know you were out paddling and no one made a profit on your time and money except you!

Jay Hanks, President


5 responses to “18th Annual Turkey Float on Red Cedar River

  1. The long range forecast calls for “quiet weather” around Thanksgiving, and possibly even some sun on Friday. I had a member ask me about either putting in or taking out at Van Atta Road and I suggested taking out there if we can arrange it during the shuttle.

    I also forgot to mention to her (but will now) that I always bring a complete change of clothes in a dry bag when I go on cold weather trips, because paddling in wet clothes after a swim in November can wreck your whole day. Also, a spray skirt for the kayak is kind of a necessity, unless you’re wearing waterproof pants.

  2. Important points to remember if this is your first time venturing out during the winter months: 1) As Loretta mentions above ALWAYS bring a complete change of clothes in a dry bag. It is the single most important deterrant to hypothermia if you fall into cold water in cold weather. As soon as you get out of the water, strip naked (this is no time for modesty) and redress in your dry clothes. Don’t know if you’re prepared? Practice at home by starting naked and packing everything you just put on. Don’t forget dry gloves and a hat. 2) Always wear a PFD. It’s hard to swim wearing winter clothes and hanging onto your boat. Secure the dry bag of dry clothes inside the boat so it doesn’t float away while you are trying to rescue yourself. 3) Don’t fall in. Sounds silly, but don’t over rate your skills in the winter time. If you are new to paddling this is not the time to practice your eskimo roll. Most on-water fatalities occur with beginners and experts: the people who don’t know how dangerous it is, and the people who don’t care how dangerous it is.
    “Be careful out there”. Sgt. Rock

  3. Also, there are still three remaining logjams on the river where we are going to paddle. There is one below Grand River Blvd. with a portage on river left, and two close together just below Legg Park with both portages on river right. Be prepared to get in and out of your boat in wet or muddy conditions. I’ll bring my chainsaw just in case I can work on it as we are passing through.


  4. Have chainsaw, will trav…erm, paddle.

  5. Weather forecast:
    Nov 28 Tomorrow
    Snow flurries early. Cloudy with a few snow showers possible later in the day. Temps nearly steady in the mid 30s. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 30%.

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