Current flow info on Red Cedar River

It peaked out at about 2200 cfs on Wednesday the 17 and is coming down to today’s flow of 1000 cfs.  I ran the river Saturday and it is still flying over everything, with water into the woods on both sides.  I am going to run it again on Thursday evening to get as good of an idea of what the river will be like this Saturday for the event.  We had everything clear at low water so hopefully anything that floated down kept going. 

Let me know if anyone is joining me Thursday.

Jay Hanks

One response to “Current flow info on Red Cedar River

  1. I’d like to go Thursday night, Jay, and will e-mail you about meeting after work. It’ll be a short trip at this level.

    I had been using the Williamston gauge (didn’t know East Lansing was still operating), but this one gives a better picture of what to expect this weekend. I almost wish the water would stay high, because all the obstacles would be covered up. Anyway, we’ll see what the weekend brings.

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