Canadian Wilderness Paddling Trip September 11-14

One of the semi-annual activities among the Club is a wilderness canoe trip into Canada in September that does not have complex logistics or extremely difficult conditions.  Anyone that has paddled with me in Canada knows I have stretched the definitions of “complex logistics” and “extremely difficult conditions”.  However, this trip does lower the bar a little bit.

We will be paddling in Mississagi Provincial Park which is east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  It is a circular route in that no shuttle is required and by way of portaging from lake to lake you eventually end up back where you started.  There are no rivers or whitewater but windy conditions can sometimes provide challenges on the lakes.  It is practically the same style of paddling in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota except a whole lot closer.

We will be self-contained paddling and camping during the entire period.  We will head up from Lansing on Wednesday evening, September 10.  Depending on how many people decide to go will determine our layover location Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, September 11 we will launch from the boat launch on the east side of Flack Lake off Hwy 639.  We will proceed counter-clockwise for the next four days until we portage back into Flack Lake and return home on Sunday, September 14 in the evening.

By conventional paddling standards (Beginner=what we do in Michigan, and Expert=Unrelenting Hell) this is considered an Intermediate level trip.  It is a good opportunity for people with good paddling and camping skills to discover what it is like to be out in the woods and water for four days and three nights.  However, emergency help is a long ways away, and we are pretty much on our own during the entire time we are out there.  It is black bear country, and nobody has ever had any control over the weather.  The portages are not barbaric, but there’s nobody there to help you with your bags, even if you had the money for a tip.

Sounds like fun!

Jay Hanks

One response to “Canadian Wilderness Paddling Trip September 11-14

  1. Twenty five years ago, this was my first Canadian wilderness trip other than Algonquin when I was a boy scout. I had a great time in some stunning surroundings!


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