Repost: Friends and Family canoe trip Aug 23-24

The 9th Annual Friends and Family Canoe Trip will be held the weekend of August 23-24.  We will be heading up to Canoe Harbor State Forest Campground on the South Branch of the Au Sable River on Friday night, August 22.  There are no reservations available, so it is first-come first-served.  Generally speaking, there are usually plenty of sites to choose from in this primitive facilities campground, but I have no ability to reserve sites.

We will base camp at Canoe Harbor and on Saturday we will shuttle upstream to Roscommon and float back to camp on the South Branch.   The trip is expected to take five hours once we actually launch.  On Sunday we will launch from Canoe Harbor on the South Branch and take out on the Mainstream of the Au Sable River at McMaster’s Bridge.  It is expected to take about four hours of paddling on Sunday once we actually launch.

This is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat) but rentals are available if necessary in Roscommon.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or needs.  This is a self-guided trip

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President

4 responses to “Repost: Friends and Family canoe trip Aug 23-24

  1. Jay, you can count me in for two, you ordered nice weather right?? Randy

  2. It will be perfect weather because I will bring all of my raingear and put up all the tarps and awnings. If that doesn’t keep it from raining, nothing will!

  3. Like you say, there is no such thing as bad weather (possibly excepting hurricanes and tornadoes), just bad gear. I’ll have rain gear & a tarp as well. Besides, it’s going to be warm. Right!


  4. Jay, what time do you think you will be arriving camp. I will probably be there @4.00 Randy

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