Red Cedar River update

For the past several years, members of LOAPC have worked on keeping the Red Cedar River clear of obstructions to navigation by removing deadfall and logjams as they occur.  Once again, the RC is mostly clear of obstructions for the majority of its length.  There remains a large logjam below the rapids in Williamston by the golf course but it is open from there all the way down to Grand River Blvd.  Below Grand River there is another logjam with a short portage on river left, and then it is open the rest of the way down to Ferguson Park in Okemos.

There are plans to work on the logjam below Grand River Blvd in the near future, in the mean time local paddlers can enjoy their river with a minimum of hiking involved.  The section from Van Atta Road to Ferguson Park is probably the nicest section of water you’ll see this close to home. 

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President


3 responses to “Red Cedar River update

  1. Did you get anywhere with that ginormous dead tree across the river west of Van Atta near the power lines?

  2. I had to add the picture to the original post but I believe this is the former tree you are referring to. We used to clear out river right around this small island, but an even bigger tree is blocking the right channel, so we went to the left channel this time as it was smaller by comparison.

  3. That’s the one–nice work, guys.

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