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Canadian Wilderness Paddling Trip September 11-14

One of the semi-annual activities among the Club is a wilderness canoe trip into Canada in September that does not have complex logistics or extremely difficult conditions.  Anyone that has paddled with me in Canada knows I have stretched the definitions of “complex logistics” and “extremely difficult conditions”.  However, this trip does lower the bar a little bit.

We will be paddling in Mississagi Provincial Park which is east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  It is a circular route in that no shuttle is required and by way of portaging from lake to lake you eventually end up back where you started.  There are no rivers or whitewater but windy conditions can sometimes provide challenges on the lakes.  It is practically the same style of paddling in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota except a whole lot closer.

We will be self-contained paddling and camping during the entire period.  We will head up from Lansing on Wednesday evening, September 10.  Depending on how many people decide to go will determine our layover location Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, September 11 we will launch from the boat launch on the east side of Flack Lake off Hwy 639.  We will proceed counter-clockwise for the next four days until we portage back into Flack Lake and return home on Sunday, September 14 in the evening.

By conventional paddling standards (Beginner=what we do in Michigan, and Expert=Unrelenting Hell) this is considered an Intermediate level trip.  It is a good opportunity for people with good paddling and camping skills to discover what it is like to be out in the woods and water for four days and three nights.  However, emergency help is a long ways away, and we are pretty much on our own during the entire time we are out there.  It is black bear country, and nobody has ever had any control over the weather.  The portages are not barbaric, but there’s nobody there to help you with your bags, even if you had the money for a tip.

Sounds like fun!

Jay Hanks

Red Cedar River Canoe Landing Project – Update

The access to the Red Cedar River Project was completed on schedule on Monday, August 18.  The following pictures give a good before and after.  I plan on working on the dock a little bit more at a later time.

Jay Hanks

Repost: Friends and Family canoe trip Aug 23-24

The 9th Annual Friends and Family Canoe Trip will be held the weekend of August 23-24.  We will be heading up to Canoe Harbor State Forest Campground on the South Branch of the Au Sable River on Friday night, August 22.  There are no reservations available, so it is first-come first-served.  Generally speaking, there are usually plenty of sites to choose from in this primitive facilities campground, but I have no ability to reserve sites.

We will base camp at Canoe Harbor and on Saturday we will shuttle upstream to Roscommon and float back to camp on the South Branch.   The trip is expected to take five hours once we actually launch.  On Sunday we will launch from Canoe Harbor on the South Branch and take out on the Mainstream of the Au Sable River at McMaster’s Bridge.  It is expected to take about four hours of paddling on Sunday once we actually launch.

This is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat) but rentals are available if necessary in Roscommon.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or needs.  This is a self-guided trip

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President

Beijing Olympics Canoe and Kayak Open Thread

Use this thread to discuss the whitewater and flatwater canoeing and kayaking competition at the Olympics–first televised finals were broadcast early on Tuesday, August 12 for men’s C-1 and K-1 whitewater. Here’s the official link to the canoe and kayak page on the olympics website.

The course is 280 meters in length and drops 5.2 meters. Could someone with reliable math skills (not my strong suit) please convert that to feet per mile and compare it to some of our whitewater streams in the eastern U.S.?

I wish I could post video of the games, but YouTube has locked out privately produced Olympic footage for copyright reasons. But don’t forget to check CBC in addition to NBC for Olympic coverage–as of today, the poor Canadians still haven’t won any medals, but they’re doing a nice job of covering the games.

Unofficial Canoe and Kayak Night at Lake Lansing – August 11

I’m off the water for the next month, so I won’t be paddling for the next four Monday nights. If anyone would like to be there in my place and show off their boat, paddling technique, or gift of gab, please e-mail me or Jay. Even one club member on the water on one Monday night in August helps keep the club visible. We usually take a break on Labor Day Monday.
Loretta Crum
Jay Hanks

Updated Fall Paddling Schedule – more to come


2008 RIVERS – updated

more info to come




September 11 – 14           Flack Lake – Dunlop Lake – Ten Mile Lake, Ontario                                                                                       Wilderness overnight camping, leaves on Wednesday night



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But you have to choose…


October 11 – 12                  Pine River, MI                                                                                                2 day weekend              

                                                Base camping at Peterson Bridge NF campground




October 10 – 13                     Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario                                       4 day weekend

                                                Wilderness overnight camping, leaves on Thursday night



November 28                      

18th Annual Turkey Float     (Friday)                                                                   



December 24                       15th Annual Christmas Eve Morning Float     (Wednesday)                      



January 1, 2009                                                                            

18th Annual New Year’s Day Float     (Thursday)                                               










Mid-term LOAPC membership offer

We are offering memberships to LOAPC for the balance of 2008 for half of the normal seasonal fee.  That is $5.00 instead of the $10.00 for a full year.  You will immediatley receive our summer newsletter which just went out at 30 pages:  well worth the small membership fee.  We will have a Fall edition out also for your $5.00 membership.

If you have been putting off joining the Club because the year is going by, then this is the perfect opportunity to join us right now at a practical cost.  Email your membership forms directly into Loretta’s or my email listed on our website and send the $ into the PO Box.  We are working on making a Paypal link for the future.

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President