Red Cedar River Canoe Landing Maintenance

On Monday, August 18, we will be working at the Van Atta Road canoe landing at the Harris Nature Center.  We will be improving the existing dock structure and improving the existing pathway down to the water.  The goal is to provide a higher quality access to the Red Cedar River for anyone wishing to use the river at that point.

We will be using wood timbers to frame in the steps down the bank and wood bark to fill in the steps.  The design is a basic one commonly used to control erosion on pathways on slopes.

If we do not complete the work on Monday we will finish it on Tuesday, August 19.  Please RSVP for exact times to start prior to this activity.  All maintenance work has been approved by the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department.

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President


5 responses to “Red Cedar River Canoe Landing Maintenance

  1. Jay, it might help if you were to list any additional tools, equipment, you might need someone to bring to make this project go better, I am going to try and make it over there that day and have tools ect that I could bring. Randy

  2. Even if you can’t lend a hand, please stop by the bridge on Van Atta Road just south of Grand River in Okemos and chat with the LOAPC work crew. They’d appreciate calories, iced beverages, moral support, or whatever you can bring.

    BTW, the run from Van Atta to Ferguson Park in Okemos is a perfect little 3.5 mile trip to get you into “river time” with barely a break in your weekend chores.

  3. Loretta/Jay, can you give directions for us out of town? I have no idea how to get to this spot, I would be coming across I69 thanks randy

  4. Randy: the shortest way is to take I-69 west to Woodbury Rd. (exit 98). Turn left (south), go through the 4-way stop and around some steep curves. Woodbury changes its name to Shoeman when you cross the county line. Go across the RR tracks and all the way down to Haslett Rd. where Shoeman ends (total 4-6 miles). Take a right on Haslett, go about 1 mile to Meridian Road and take a left (the intersection is on a curve and comes up suddenly). Take Meridian all the way down to Grand River, turn right, go about 1.5 miles and watch for Van Atta. There’s a little gas station on the corner on your left. Turn left and go down about 2 miles to the bridge. (All mileages are estimates.)

    Thanks for your interest–hope you can make it.

  5. Regarding the work plan, the construction is primarily 6″x6″ timbers to frame in the steps that will be filled in with wood bark. We will use 2″x6″ boards away from the steps to provide additional bank stabilization. Since there is no ready source of electricity, we plan on rough cutting everything with chain saws and nailling them together with 10″ nails. I will provide shovels, post hole digger, hoes, and all materials. Labor will consist of digging out the space to place the 6″x6″s so they are at ground level except for the steps. I plan on using the post hole digger to place 2″x6″s further into the ground to add additional permanance to the steps.

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