Unofficial Canoe & Kayak Night at Lake Lansing – June 30

Human powered watercraft continue to make a good showing at Lake Lansing on Monday nights. Eight LOAPC members showed up tonight and waved “ahoy” to five nonmember kayakers, along with several sailboats (including an enormous one from the MSU Sailing Club that looked much too big for the lake). A nice contrast to the usual powerboats and jetskis.

Dan S. and Howard P. paddled tandem in Howard’s gorgeous wood strip canoe. The other six LOAPC members were all kayakers, including four sea kayakers in full sea kayak regalia and two of us in recreational kayaks. Kayak domination again.

LOAPC continues to encourage the public to bring their nonmotorized watercraft to Lake Lansing on Monday nights, with the caveat that this is not an official club event and everyone is responsible for his or her own safety.

Loretta Crum


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