This Monday Night at Lake Lansing June 9

We are pleased to tell you that there has been a return of Monday evening paddles on Lake Lansing.  Starting at 7:00 p.m. from the North Boat Launch, anyone who wants to bring their kayak or canoe can come out and join old friends and new ones for some social time on the lake.  There are no rigid format or rules other than following proper safety practices and good etiquette on the water.  It is a great opportunity to dust off that boat if you haven’t gotten it out yet this year or bring the one you just paddled on the weekend.

Last Monday night we had 12 paddlers show up – keep up the support!  1 canoe and 11 kayaks shows the KAYAK DOMINATION taking place – but bring whatever boat you are comfortable with.   And blog it up with your feedback and support!  The more people read about informal individual opinions the more they will be interested in participating.

Please do not arrive earlier than 7:00 p.m. on Mondays as the power boaters will be still loading up their trailers and the gate will still be collecting fees.


2 responses to “This Monday Night at Lake Lansing June 9

  1. The “interesting” weather is supposed to continue through sometime Tuesday, so we’ll be monitoring conditions closely throughout the day Monday and cancel the paddle if the radar shows thunderstorms within 3 hours of Lansing. Use this web link or one like it.

    These storms have been racing across the state at 55-60mph since Friday afternoon. One of them blew away a guy’s garage about 10 miles from my house and left the Cadillac in the driveway.

    Toooo exciting.

  2. Three of us paddled tonight. The lake was nice and quiet and so was the weather. Next week or the week after, we’ll be introducing more options for Monday night paddlers–watch the blog for more information.

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