Au Sable River Overnight Part 4 June 21 – 22

Well, folks, here it is.  We are finally finishing up paddling down the entire length of the Au Sable River.  So maybe we didn’t scare the record time of 14 hours, but maybe we can shave a few minutes off from our 8-day sojourn.  In 2009 I plan on doing the whole thing in one continuous week, but that is for another posting.

For this trip, we are meeting Friday night June 20 (if you wish) by camping at Lumberman’s Memorial Campground just east of M-65 on the south side of the Au Sable River.  It is well marked with signs.  Saturday morning June 21 we will contemplate shuttle logistics based upon who shows up at the launch site on river left below Five Channels Dam at 9:00 a.m.  Most likely we will unload and run shuttle but every trip is an adventure.

We will camp on Foote Pond at site #13.  I have already paid for reservations for the site so we are good to go with camp permits.  Sunday morning June 22 we will finish all of this “sea” paddling and make the final portage back into river current for the home stretch out to Lake Huron.  Any sea kayakers out there interested in a camping trip will have no difficulty through this very open section of the Au Sable.  In fact, a seagoing paddlecraft of either canoe or kayak species is the preferred method on the ponds.  No short boats here!

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President


3 responses to “Au Sable River Overnight Part 4 June 21 – 22

  1. Jay, what is the dates you are doing this part. Randy

  2. Sorry I forgot the dates in the original post but I have updated it. June 21 – 22.

  3. Well, everything is still a go if anyone else is interested in paddling this weekend. I am heading up to Lumberman’s Monument Campground Friday evening June 20 (THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER YEAH!) and we will then meet on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. at the launch on river left below Five Channels Dam.

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