Presentation on Sea Kayaking May 20

“Sea Kayaking Destinations Around the Great Lakes,” will be presented on Tuesday, May 20, 7:00 p.m. at Summit Sports, 2650 East Grand River, East Lansing.  Todd Leigh will show pictures, charts, and discuss trip planning logistics for sea kayaking destinations around the Great Lakes.  This event is free and open to the public.


5 responses to “Presentation on Sea Kayaking May 20

  1. This presentation rocked–thank you Todd and Linda for reminding us that Michigan is a sea kayaker’s paradise.

  2. panzerkempfwagon

    I have to agree with Loretta. Todd, ya did a fine job and Linda (aka Vanna…) looks like she may be the driving force on these adventures! Don’t know how you find the time to have so much fun, but you are an inspiration! Kathy and I drove up from Jackson for this and were NOT disappointed. Thanks again and hope to see some of you who where there last night soon out on a river of lake.

  3. panzer (love your gravatar, BTW)–I’ve been thinking of joining GREAT (Grand River Environmental Action Team) on one of their outings. Do you and your SO paddle with them, and what are their trips like?

    Thanks for driving up to join us.

  4. panzerkempfwagon

    You should come for a trip with GREAT! They only go out once a month. This past Sunday was a trip on the Huron River with the Great Lakes Paddlers club. This was kind of an “away game” for us. Kathy and I are fellow board members for GREAT, her husband and my wife are not “water people” so we end up doing many water things without them. The trips vary and always fun. Don’t know if this blog is the format for sharing, but the club has about 100 members already for this season and two trips done already. On the June trip we are on the South Branch of the Kalamazoo in Jackson County and the trip terminates at a campground where we will be hosting a picnic. (some folks plan to camp there as well). July we go through the center of town (Jackson) which is an interesting run, I do it often. We went down a couple times in March with the high water and it was a thrill. I love the trips with this group and am working at expanding my horizons and exploring other groups….this gets me onto water I might not otherwise ever think to do! The August trip is a combination Peddle and Paddle. We have a new trail that just opened this spring that goes from Jackson to Concord (The Falling Waters Trail). Folks can ride out to Lime Lake and paddle around. Check out the web site.

  5. Todd’s presentation was definitely the BEST this year. I was amazed at how fast the time flew. Very fun to participate.
    I do a lot of paddling, some of it quite difficult, but I have never ventured very far into sea kayaking. It’s always been whitewater and wilderness trips in the bush. But seeing Todd’s adventures I think I might be ready to try something else…

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