Au Sable River Overnight Part 3 (Reschedule)

Part 3 is being rescheduled one week earlier for May 10-11.  My work schedule and family responsibilities are already double-booked (sigh) so paddling takes the hit.

Anyone who wishes to paddle with me on May 10-11 on the Au Sable River from FR 4001 to the takeout at Five Channels Dam may do so.  If you wish to paddle the same section at a different date by yourself please contact me and I will share the logistics if you need them.

I will post further details in May.

Jay Hanks, LOAPC President

2 responses to “Au Sable River Overnight Part 3 (Reschedule)

  1. Okay so here is the game plan: I will be going up Friday night May 9 to camp at Mio Pond National Forest Campground. Take M-33 north through Mio and turn left at Popps Road at the National Forest Campground sign and follow the signs to the campground.
    Rally time is 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning May 10 at the Au Sable River access in Mio below M-33. From there we will drive to FR 4001 for another 9:00 a.m. rendezvous for anyone else coming in from the east or elsewhere.
    At FR 4001 we will unload boats and gear and run shuttle down to Five Channels Dam. Anyone just paddling for Saturday can get out before Loud Pond on the right at a private access. I am not aware of a public landing there.
    Saturday will start in river current and then the flatwater of Alcona Pond. We will portage Alcona Dam around “lunch” and be back in river current all the way to camp. I plan on staying at campsite 11-C.
    Sunday May 11 will be a little more river and then Loud Pond followed by Five Channels Pond.
    Jay Hanks, LOAPC President

  2. Jay, at this time I am planning to meet you in Mio at M33 Sat am, 1 boat, two paddlers..Randy

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