The 17th Annual New Year’s Day Float will be (of course) on January 1, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at Kruger Landing on the Red Cedar River. Depending on river conditions in the winter time, we could float down to the confluence with the Grand River and take out at Sweeny’s Landing or the Brenke Fish Ladder. If it is frozen downstream, we will launch and paddle upstream as far as possible. The river remains open year-’round up to the Kalamazoo Street Bridge, after that it will ice over if the weather is below freezing.

So, ring in the new year properly with a short paddle trip. Always bring a change of clothes in a dry bag and anything else you think you need if there is an unexpected cold-water swim. I have only fallen in twice in my lifetime in the winter and both times were on the Red Cedar River. I was well-prepared both times, which is why this is the 17th Annual trip and not the “Jay Hanks Memorial Float.” #:).

Jay Hanks

2 responses to “17TH ANNUAL NEW YEAR’S DAY FLOAT

  1. A great morning for a paddle. Lots of fresh snow on the trees (and occasionally down our necks). The river was open, and Jay & I paddled up to the little riffle behind the ball field. We saw about five muskrats and lots of fresh beaver chews. Back at the landing we made the day for a young (3 -4 year old?) boy who was out with his grandparents for a walk. He was so excited he made them race back to the parking lot to meet us & climb in & out of the canoes.

  2. Absolutely beautiful way to start the New Year.


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