Christmas Eve Morning Float

The 14th Annual Christmas Eve Morning Float will meet at 10:00 a.m. on December 24 at Kruger Landing on the Red Cedar River and Aurelius Road. If the river is not frozen above the MSU campus by then, we will shuttle upstream to Ferguson Park and paddle back down to Kruger Landing. If it is frozen at Ferguson Park, we will launch from Kruger Landing and paddle upstream to the Kalamazoo Street Bridge and beyond if it is open.

I will check out the condition of the river when I drive to Kruger Landing on the 24th. We should be done around 3:00 p.m. so everyone will have time to make it back home for their Christmas Eve activities. I hope everyone’s schedules allows them to get out and have a few hours on the river.

Jay Hanks


7 responses to “Christmas Eve Morning Float

  1. Looking forward to it!
    FWIW, Kruger’s landing is where my friend’s Subaru was deep sixed by some car thieves. This was a couple of years ago.

  2. Drat, we will be out of town. Ugh, I was hoping to get out in the new boat. I will be with family though, so that’s some consolation.
    Have fun!

  3. Sent byRich:

    I stopped by campus the morning to take a look at the river. The ice looked rather thick upstream of the Farm Lane bridge. I don’t know what a couple of warm(ish) days will do to it.


  4. I will scout the river on the way to the launch site on Monday morning. Up by Williamston there are sectins of open water, but that doesen’t mean much. It only takes a few sections of ice to close it. I’ll zig-zag across Okemos Road Bridge, down Hamilton Road, across Hagedorn and dowm by the Admin Building on my way in…

    Otherwise it will be an up-and-back from Kruger Landing.



  5. Actially, the weather could be the biggest challenge no matter what we do in terms of wind and chill. Headwinds going downstream…

    English | Metric ] Top of FormWeather for your life Bottom of Form

    Monday, December 24, 2007
    Hourly Forecast

    Feels Like6°F

    Feels Like6°F

    Feels Like9°F

    Feels Like11°F

    Feels Like11°F

    Snow Shower / Wind High25°FPrecip50%
    Wind: WSW 23 mph
    Max. Humidity: 79%
    UV Index: 1 Low

    Sunrise: 8:06 AM ET
    Avg. High: 31°F
    Record High: 56°F (1982)
    Cloudy Overnight Low20°FPrecip20%
    Wind: WSW 15 mph
    Max. Humidity: 91%

    Sunset: 5:07 PM ET
    Avg. Low: 18°F
    Record Low: -5°F (1960)


    The recent rain and above-freezing temperatures pushed the water level to over 200 cfs. The drop in temperatures on the 23rd and 24th was not sufficient to form ice again, so the river was running fast and high. We were able to launch from Ferguson Park and cruise down to Kruger Landing in 2 hours despite the occasional headwind. We ran the rapids on campus by the Admin Building far left with only a splash or two of water in the boats (at least in my boat).

    All-in-all, a very nice bit of paddling for the Lansing Area on Christmas Eve morning!

    Jay Hanks

  7. I just checked the gauge & it looks like it was about 525 cfs & rising. It seems to have peaked at around 570 Christmas morning. A fine day for a paddle and the wind mostly stayed away. There was enough water so we could stay in our boats the whole trip.

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