Geo cache on the Red Cedar River

Sent to me by Rich Bailey: 

“I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before, but here is an adventure that I think should go on the LOAPC calendar. I am thinking April 19 next year, the week before your Ausable trip. I would be more than willing to be “trip leader” for this one. I thought about doing the Williamston to Zimmer road section (it looks like the first 2 stages are in that stretch), but I’m not sure about the number of dead falls there after the tornado last month. I’ve some time constraints tomorrow so spending 4 hours portaging doesn’t really work. I am planning to hike the river bank around Legg & Harris parks just to see what the portages for the 23rd might look like.



This is a very difficult multi-cache that requires a canoe, excellent canoeing skills, and a full day to complete. It is not to be undertaken lightly. There are significant safety hazards along the way. The canoe trip is from Williamston to Lansing along the Red Cedar River. There are six intermediate stages, each is necessary to find the next. The final stage is an ammo box with traditional trade items.

The given coordinates are for the put-in location in Williamston.  The City of Williamston removed an old dam and constructed this series of rapids in its place. Take the time to run the rapids if water is high enough.  If you lack the skills to run this Class 2 rapids, you do not have the skills needed for this cache.  The take-out location is N42 42.991  W84 31.317 at Crego Park in Lansing (also known as Kruger’s Landing).  This makes for a very long day, however, it is possible to break up the trip into two days.  (See Two Day Option below.) 


Six Intermediate Stages

All intermediate stages are bright yellow plastic water-tight containers, 4 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter.  Each has a lanyard stapled to a tree near the water’s edge.  Carefully unscrew the container and remove the card.  On the back of the card you will find four letters.  The four letters, in order, will allow you to determine the coordinates of the next stage.  Please replace the card in the container and replace the container for the next cacher.  Reasonably conceal the container to minimize plundering. 


3 responses to “Geo cache on the Red Cedar River

  1. I am game. Just about any weekend. 🙂

  2. We may have to hold off of this event. The cache has been disabled as the final stage is missing. I’ll update this when I learn that the cache is open again.


    >>> Given the flooding of the Red Cedar River, I’m sure that all of the stages are underwater. I expect that most of the stages will survive the submergence, but a few are likely to have been ripped loose. I don’t recommend attempting this cache until after I have checked out all the stages in the spring.

  3. I received a note from the cache owner today. It looks like the April 19 date may be good to go. There’s lots of time though between now & then.

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for your interest in paddling the Red Cedar and doing the cache along
    the way.

    Knowing that you are planning on the trip on April 19, I’ll be sure to get
    the cache up in time. I may need to modify it a bit depending on how badly
    the various stages are damaged. I can get to most of the stages without
    needing to canoe the river. I’m not sure I’ll be able to canoe the whole
    river by the 19th. Maybe I could do it along with you!?

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