17th Annual Turkey Float

The 17th Annual Turkey Float is on Friday, November 23, the day after Thanksgiving.  Some people consider this day the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, but rather than go stand in lines at the mall and battle the traffic, come out with us for a quiet paddling trip on the Red Cedar River.

     We will all meet at Ferguson Park in Okemos at 9:00 a.m. and prepare to run shuttle upstream to Zimmer Road.  There is limited roadside parking there, so if we have too many cars we may do another mini-shuttle back to Grand River Blvd and Zimmer Road to save space.

     We usually launch by 10:00 a.m. so lunch is at the roadside park where the Red Cedar River flows under Grand River Blvd.  It usually takes another 2-1/2 hours from there back to Ferguson Park, so we should wrap things up by 3:00 p.m.

     The Club works on keeping the river clear of logs every year but there is always the potential of a liftover or portage.  Be sure and bring a change of dry clothes and boots you don’t mind getting a little muddy.  An ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of water, or something like that…..

6 responses to “17th Annual Turkey Float

  1. As we draw closer to the EVENT, everything is still as planned, but I am considering launching from the Township Park off Grand River Blvd. where it crosses the Red Cedar River. The tornado that swept through the area this fall may have left some significant blockages further upstream near Williamston and I have not been through that section since last year.

    I will bring a chain saw just in case for the section we will paddle. Nothin’s more fun than playin’ in the river with a chain saw!


  2. Well I went out & hiked the river bank from the west end of Legg park up to where the trail cuts away form the river & up to East Gate park. I saw most of it except for one loop that is guarded by a knee deep+ bog. The big jam at N42 42.297 W 084 22.244 (all coordinates were taken from the bank) seems to be getting bigger. It does look like it would not be too hard to shorten the portage & provide a better put in with a little chain saw work. It looks possible also to open ou river left. There are two more blockages before the Van Atta bridge. One at N 42 41.981 W 084 22.644 and one just before the bridge at N 42 41.815 W 084 22.700. It might be possible to make a passage through both of these with a hand saw. Past the Van Atta bridge there is one at N 42 71.766 W 084 22.889. This one may require a portage. Your tape still marks the blockage at N 42 41.677 W 084 23.146. Today it looks like a plastic boat might be able to slide over. What had been the last big log jam just past the west end of Legg park seems to be getting more open. The river left run is fine,, and it looks like the middle is opening up as well. There is , of course, the usual tight lines & limbo logs, but still, it is in pretty good shape.

    See you on the 23rd.


  3. I will be there, meeting at 9 in Okemos unless I hear otherwise from the tripmeister.

    Looks like sunshine and about 35 for the day, can’t beat that.

  4. We are planning to be there, sans Katie, she had a better offer for the morning/afternoon.

    *a little side note, if anyone remembers Caroline from the pine river trip, Dale was going to introduce her to a fellow he knew, They were talking about it at the campfire. They are both here now, we are all planning to be there tomorrow. :)*

  5. Water level on the river this morning was 98cfs, up from a steady 30cfs throughout most of November. That’s why we didn’t have to get out of our boats for the jam just downstream of Van Atta Road.

    Great day, good to see everyone out there.

  6. Eight folks out on a beautiful Friday morning. four canoes & four kayaks. Good to see everybody. Pictures are here on my web site: [url] http://baileyshots.net/CopperMine/thumbnails.php?album=28

    (Oh, I show 217 cfs on the gauge on campus at 13:00 today. It looks like it might be leveling out.)

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