October paddling trip


The October 13 – 14 paddling trip listed in my “destinations” has been TBA all year.

We are going to the Pine River west of Cadillac, MI. I will be camping at the Peterson Bridge National Forest Campground Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13. On Saturday, October 13 we will run shuttle and paddle from Walker Bridge to Dobson Bridge, and then return to camp. On Sunday, October 14 we will run shuttle and paddle from Dobson Bridge to Low Bridge.

No permits are necessary and the campground should be fairly empty. Good times!

Jay Hanks

24 responses to “October paddling trip

  1. We are planning on doing a campsite version of a “Pot Luck” on Saturday night, October 13. Please bring a dish to pass to go with your main dish if you are cooking steaks or chicken on the grille.

    Jay Hanks

  2. Anyone coming up Saturday morning meet us at Dobson Bridge by 9:00 a.m. to run shuttle. Anyone coming up later than that and still want to join us then launch at Elm Flats (below Walker and above Dobson) and we should be able to catch up or you catch us. We’ll get cars later…


  3. If for any reason the Peterson Bridge National Forest Campground is closed the weekend of October 13-14, the alternate camping area is across the street (M-37) at Pine River Paddlesports (www.thepineriver.com).

    Peterson Bridge NFCG is usually open until firearm deer season ends, but just in case it is…


  4. Jay, am looking forward to meeting with you up there, some of the ECP members are planning to meet there I think? My check is in the mail when does the next newsletter come out?
    Thanks Randy

  5. Randy:

    You and any ECP members are welcome to join us. We should still be the only group on the river that time of the year and the colors should be perfect.

    Received your check for $20.00, and that will give you a 2-year membership. We are having a Club meeting on Oct 16 and we plan on lowering the dues to $10.00 per year. Historically, we mailed a newsletter out monthly and the postage was an expense we needed to cover. Now we are moving more and more towards an e-news basis and the cost is shifted towards keeping the website running.

    We should be able to produce a newsletter again this fall.

    Hope to see you on the Pine,


  6. Hello fellow Lansing paddlers! I am planning on joining your group on the Pine this coming weekend. I hope you don’t mind one more kayaker along.
    I am not new to paddling, have been kayaking since about 1998, just before I worked at Raupp Campfitters. Been keeping to myself lately I suppose. Looking forward to meeting some of you this weekend.

  7. Uh oh, our babysitter backed out. I am going to have to decide if our daughter wants to go or not. How long is the paddle on saturday? She is nearly four, and is usualy good for about five to seven hours, depending. It helps to bring along boats for her to string along.
    We have paddled around Stoney Lake out to Lake Michigan, and out in the big lake for a while, and also a handful of Grand River trips with her, one all day. She fell asleep on the deck of the boat, and snored. It didn’t look very comfortable, but she didn’t mind overall. I think she was sad she missed part of the day by sleeping.

  8. Michael–I believe it’s about 12 miles each, Saturday and Sunday. Each day could go as long as seven hours, depending on the length of the lunch stop, but probably not much longer.

    A four-year-old who falls asleep in a boat? That’s a great kid! Some info to help you decide: the Pine has some stretches of Class II moving water–I wouldn’t call it whitewater (unless we get a ton of rain the rest of the week), but you’ll want to be up on your maneuvering skills and cinch her pfd down nice and tight. I believe the faster section is on Sunday, but Jay can second-guess me on that. Not sure what you mean by her stringing boats along, but you’ll definitely want her in a boat with you that you can paddle and maneuver yourself. Air temps are supposed to go down into the mid-30s Friday and Saturday night–hard to believe after yesterday, I know.

    Good luck–hope you can make it, but if not, there will be plenty of kid-friendlier trips coming up in the spring, along with some cold weather trips this winter if your babysitter cooperates.

  9. Thanks for the info. I will have to make a decision later in the week whether we both go or not.
    What I meant by stringing boats is toy boats. We used some rubber ducks last time, but they do not travel well by water, they become more akin to a sea anchor, and fast. She does like kayaking, and does fall asleep while in the boat, so I have to keep an eye on toys/cups/snacks. They will sometimes drop out. 🙂
    I have some experience in Class II, and it is good to know about it, as it may influence my boat decision.
    Low temps at night mean one thing, fuzzy blanky inside the old sleeping bag. Ha ha!
    FWIW, the old sleeping bag is a mtn hardwear. It’s out, but not down. Get it, not down.

  10. Michael:

    If you decide to bring your daughter, be sure to bring enough warm clothes and a good-fitting PFD that will fit around them. I have two daughters myself that are grown now, and took them paddling when they were little, too. I always made sure they were in the arms of a real Boy Scout: “Be Prepared”.

    The distance on Saturday is 14 miles and about 6 hours, and Sunday it will be 10 miles and about 5 hours. Weather forecast is cooperating so far with mid-50’s and no rain expected from the weather prevaricators….


  11. Michael: With the week I’m having so far, you might see
    me stringing a line of toy boats and duckies behind me and talking like a 4-year-old. I had to refresh this page three times before I got the sleeping bag joke–not good.

    c’monnnn, weekend!

  12. Soooo close.
    Her scooby doo PFD fits well, and despite the character on the front does a pretty good job as a PFD. It’s comfy so she doesn’t complain, and it floats her well. There is no way I have found to keep her hands out of the water, so I guess I will have to just tie them down to the deck.
    Kidding, of course. I suppose she will just need her own towel and be able to slip them into something in case they get cold. Which they will.
    If anyone has any ideas about that, I am all ears.

  13. Dentedvw, My boy’s been paddlin with us since
    they could walk, maybe earlier! sometimes it helps to have a short paddle just her size so she can “help” when she wants to. Bring her along by all means.

  14. Jay, will most of the group be in Kayaks or Canoes? I can go either way….that didn’t sound right did it??? Randy

  15. Regarding canoe and kayak participation, I believe it is pretty close to 50-50 with the kayaks having the potential to outnumber the canoes depending on who actually shows up.

    I’ll be in camp about 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, driving a green Chevy pickup with almond colored solo canoe, followed shortly thereafter by a huge campfire.


  16. Jay..worst case scenario, long drive for me.when do you think you will put in at walker bridge in case I cant make 9.00 at Dobson..Randy

  17. I am up in the air about going. The only caveat is my daughter’s hands. They have a tendency to go in the water. I am not sure about hours in the water at these temps. If I was in a canoe, it would be different. Drat. I think I might bail.
    I just got a new tent/hammock too. I was looking forward to trying it out, plus it would have been her first camping trip.
    Well, I guess we will be hoping to catch up with you all for a day trip closer to home then.
    Is there a turkey paddle?

  18. Oh bollocks. We are in, we are out. I guess if you see me, you see me. I will be in a black VW golf, one or more kayaks on roof.
    There are waterproof gloves around here somewhere.

  19. A couple last-minute details:

    I heard that Peterson Bridge Campground is closed for the season, so the alternate is across the street to Pine River Paddlesports, a private campground. I for some reason it is closed, also, the 3rd alternate is Coolwater Camground which is on the drive to Dobson Bridge where the pavement turns to dirt if you are coming from M-37.

    Shuttle rendezvous is at 9:00 a.m. at Dobson Bridge. It will take us a few minutes to count bodies, boats and cars and calculate the shuttle mathematics. We will probably launch at Walker Bridge by 10:00 a.m. but not earlier. If you are running late Saturday morning go straight to Walker Bridge. Lincoln Bridge is an hour below Walker so 11:00 a..m is reasonable time for Lincoln. We” Probably be at Elm Flats around 1:00 for lunch.


    (810) 348-5906 cell

  20. Family obligations, so I’m paddling Sunday only. Should I meet you at the put-in or at the takeout?

  21. Jay,We will catch you on Sat morning, probably at Walker Bridge, Silver Dodge w/trailer. Randy

  22. Hey all, we had a terrific time. Thanks for all the assistance going to and fro.
    Today, we picked up some gloves that were in the parking lot right after most everyone left, they were still wet. If anyone knows who they might belong to, I would like to get them back to them.

  23. Jay, We had a great time on the river, good day for an unplanned swim! Thanks for the invite and hope to paddle with you again soon. Randy

  24. Hey everyone, it’s been forever, but the dented clan is still around, more or less. We brought a friend along, she borrowed a boat from another friend, and was chatted up by a fellow paddler regarding another boater he knows. It was implied that they should get together, chat, maybe have a date. 🙂 I am pleased to tell you all that that young woman and that young man were married a few years ago, and I was glad to have been part of that union, if only in a small way. There is no way to know where the rivers of Michigan will ultimately take you, and in the case of our dear friend Verlen, there is practically no limit at all.
    I hope you all are well, and are enjoying life. I moved to Utah about a month ago, to get a foothold for my own family, to increase our adventures, and for economic reasons. Michigan will always be my first home, and holds a special place in my heart.
    For what it’s worth, I have started a Friends of Raupp Campfitters page on facebook too, maybe some of you would join up as fans, mention something about the store you remember. Perhaps about Janet or Dave. Raupps is where I met my wife, and as I hear it, many others were introduced the same way.
    Godspeed and fair weather,

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